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World Kinect is an all-in-one energy partner, helping natural gas, electricity, and fuel-reliant organizations with sourcing and delivery, budget protection, operational & compliance risk management, energy strategy, and carbon footprint reduction to ensure customers run efficient operations and continually maximize performance.

We are the one energy management partner that helps you to:

Source Energy and Fuel

Source Energy and Fuel

Reduce cost, and the complexity of using multiple energy suppliers. At a competitive price, World Kinect can help you determine the right energy mix and sourcing strategy.

carbon footprint

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

With World Kinect's guidance, you can develop a carbon reduction plan, reduce energy use, source renewable energy, and offset remaining carbon emissions to reach your sustainability goals.

Source Energy and Fuel

Minimize Price and Risk

Utilize a risk management adviser to stay on budget, meet compliance standards, ensure operational readiness, and turn consumption and carbon data into strategic insights.

global pros


reduce carbon

One partner to help you kinect the dots

With World Kinect, you have access to a single point of contact for conventional and renewable energy supply and technology, cost and carbon footprint reduction, and custom energy strategies to help you stay successful.

We provide a holistic, 360º Energy & Fuel Management approach to your requirements. As the market and your operational goals evolve, we are here to help you proactively plan and continually pivot your energy mix strategy and tactics.

Case Studies

Gatwick Airport maintains carbon neutrality and saves with renewable electricity

World Kinect Energy Services helped Gatwick Airport maintain carbon neutrality and save money with renewable electricity.


Could Price Risk Management Work for you?

If you regularly buy fuel at daily low rack prices, you're speculating in the energy market. Our experts can help.

Case Studies

Pelagia Case Study

Pelagia saved €960.000 with active portfolio management from Kinect

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We’re passionate about energy. For decades, we’ve remained dedicated to our valued customers, delivering fuel and energy solutions that help them operate more efficiently, save precious internal resources, and meet their bottom line.