Minimize Price and Operational Risk

Kinect the dots between volatile market dynamics, compliance, and business resilience

No matter where you operate — or under what conditions — you need to count on your fuel and energy partner to stay on budget, ensure uninterrupted supply, and provide actionable insights into energy consumption, cost, and carbon data.

World Kinect is your risk management adviser, providing full visibility into your energy and carbon footprint, helping determine the right strategy to control commodity price fluctuations, forecast your costs, and ensure continuity for your business operations in the face of unexpected weather or market events. Because, in today’s unpredictable world, there is nothing more valuable than certainty.

Our solutions to Minimize Price and Operational Risk:


A world of solutions to Minimize Price and Operational Risk 

Our experts start by listening first, to understand your business’s unique risk register and tolerance, and then advise and supply a variety of strategies and fuel and energy risk minimising solutions that meet your objectives.  If you’re looking to seize market opportunities or require budget or operational certainty, we are here to help. 



Case Studies

Pelagia Case Study

Pelagia saved €960.000 with active portfolio management from Kinect


Could Price Risk Management Work for you?

If you regularly buy fuel at daily low rack prices, you're speculating in the energy market. Our experts can help.


Fuel Price Certainty is Easier than You Think

A major factor threatening growth in any business is the uncertain, often volatile, cost of fuel. 


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We have decades of experience implementing a managed-risk approach with proven results, helping you reduce costs, budget volatility, and operational challenges. Ask us how we can do the same for your business.