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Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

From light-duty vans that deliver across town to long-haul trucks that travel the country, World Kinect has a fleet card solution that helps your trucks get there easily, reliably and affordably… every time. Our fleet fueling cards are easy to implement and customize to your fleet’s needs. No matter your fleet’s size or complexity, contact us and learn how we can help improve your fleet’s productivity and control expenses.

Tow Truck
In-town Fleets – Fueling Locally

Commercial Card

The World Kinect Commercial card is perfect for heavy duty diesel fleets that want secure, easy access to purchase controls, cost-plus pricing, and thousands of convenient CFN or Pacific Pride locations, including extended access through the Fuelman Network.


  • Special Introductory Offer: New Customers - Receive a 2.5% rebate, for first 3 months, for 1,000+ diesel gallons per month. *
  • Wholesale cost-plus pricing at 4,000+ CFN or PacPride gas stations and cardlock locations.
  • 50,000 additional gas station locations for convenience.
  • Security and control over purchases.



*World Kinect Energy Services shall pay Rebates to new Commercial Card customers who purchase of a minimum of 1,000 gallons in any month – for their first 3 months.  The rebate will be determined and paid by multiplying 2.5% by the invoiced dollar amount actually paid by the Purchaser (excluding taxes).  For new customers between August 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021.  New customers are subject to credit approval.  All cards and card purchases are subject to World-Kinect Energy Services’ applicable terms and conditions.  

Mixed Fleet
Fleets Fueling Nationally and at Truck Stops

Universal Card

With the World Kinect Universal card onboard, your fleet has the ultimate in retail access at both trucks stops and gas stations nationwide. Powered by Voyager, the Universal card allows any size fleet to fuel practically anywhere, but without the risks associated with credit cards.

  • 180,000+ gas stations & truck stops nationwide
  • A safer payment card
  • Spending limits per driver

Have more Questions about Fleet Cards?

We have compiled a list of frequently ask questions in order to provide you with more in depth information about fleet fuel cards.

Real Benefits

A fuel company with 35+ years of experience and serving 60,000+ customers, World Kinect can change the way you manage fuel expenses. Our fleet fuel cards integrate seamlessly into how you currently fuel your fleet. We provide the controls, convenience, security and flexibility you need to manage and save on fuel purchases.

Fleet Retail Service Icons

“If guys are on a job site two hours from the shop, and they need some fuel, they can run to a station real quick and get some. And they don't have to call the office to get any approval for a credit card or anything. It's right there. It's real simple.” Bedrock Concrete, John Rhodes, KS, Owner

How Do Fleet Fuel Cards Work?

Fleet fueling cards are a special type of payment card used to purchase fuel from a network of gas stations, truck stops and cardlocks. They can be used to better control spending, improve reporting and increase convenience.

When you choose a World Kinect Energy Services fuel card, you can select between our Commercial Card, OTR Card, and Universal Card. Our fleet fuel cards provide  your drivers access to fuel from a network of up to 180,000+ locations.

Unlike issuing a traditional payment card, fleet cards give your business a lot of control over when, where, and what the card can be used for. By implementing payment controls, you can ensure predictably and contained fueling costs. Plus, you can avoid the complexities of fuel reimbursement. All the payments are automatically recorded and can be analyzed for even more control.


If You Are Not Yet Using Fuel Cards, Chances Are You Are Leaving Money on the Table

Using a World Kinect Energy Services fleet fuel card can give you access to special discounts on fuel. For example, our Commercial Card can be used to get wholesale cost-plus pricing at 4,000+ locations. As every fleet operator knows, saving money on each gallon can make a huge difference.

Plus, the purchase controls offered by fueling cards mean that you can avoid surprise bills and costly mistakes by drivers in the field. You know where and when your fleet will be fueled up. 


Let’s Find the Right Fuel Card for Your Business

World Kinect Energy Services offers three different fleet card options: Commercial, OTR, and Universal. Each offers a different mix of savings, control, and convenience. Our representatives are available to help you find the right option for your business’s requirements.

Small Business Fuel Cards

Fleet fuel cards aren’t just for companies operating nationwide fleets of thousands of trucks. You can start saving no matter how small your small business is. Contact us today to learn more about small business fuel cards.

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