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Water Management Procurement Solutions

Are you paying too much for water services? We’ve saved our customers millions since deregulation. We’re here to help you reduce your water bills too.

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We find errors in 1 in 8 of the water invoices we audit for our clients

How many water meters do you have?  Can you be sure you’re being charged for each one correctly? There are so many factors to your water bill that should be verified, including:

  • Surface water charges
  • Highway drainage charges
  • Fixed standing charges
  • Tariff changes
  • Non-return to sewer allowances
  • Trade effluent charges
  • Consumption and leakage
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We deliver water audits to prove your bill is accurate and seek efficiency savings too

We forensically analyze your water bills and system to save you money.

We undertake historic reviews of charging, as well as providing the tools to manage, measure and reduce your water consumption. For our clients we optimize their:

  • Water meters
  • Pipework conditions
  • In-line valves
  • Storage tanks
  • Cisterns and urinals
  • Taps and showers
  • Insulation
  • Boilers
  • Staff awareness
  • Water pressure
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We have the track record you can trust to buy water better and smarter

World Kinect Energy Services has negotiated refunds for our clients backdated as far as 17 years. Are you missing out?

Working with us you benefit from a dedicated manager to;

  • Tailor your RFP (Request for Proposal) to water suppliers 
  • Review the options received from suppliers with our experts
  • Manage current and potential suppliers proactively
  • Recommend ongoing water and cost saving options

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Water Management

Data driven solutions saving time and money  for multi-site businesses.