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Responsive, reliable, and resilient fuel and energy solutions you can count on

Leveraging our extensive experience in military operations, we have the full capability from supply chain build-outs to testing and managing extreme operational conditions to help you deliver your mission on time and within budget.

We are proud to serve. Our global team of experts is ready to customize a solution for your unique military fuel and energy needs.

A World of Solutions for Defense

Our goal is to be the world’s leading responsive, reliable, and resilient provider of Defense energy solutions. We proudly hire and train veterans and active-duty members of the military for trusted operational partnership you can count on.


Why Choose World Fuel Services?

Delivery to any location, 24/7

  • A global network of reliability based on established supplier relationships
  • An extensive network of military fuel storage options and strategic inventory positions
  • Trusted gasoline / petrol and diesel fuel supply for mission-critical ground operations


Strategic logistics expertise you can depend on

  • Real-world, commercial sector business experience that you can rely on
  • Secure supply options with direct access to physical supply
  • Standard tank and mobile fuel storage solutions, and custom installations to meet unique or changing logistical requirements

On-the-ground support to solve operational issues

  • Experienced, onsite staffing solutions for supervision and security
  • Teams stationed tat key locations to ensure compliance with local regulations and solve operational issues
  • Expertise in security, geography, and infrastructure and specialized ground services for traditional and VIP military transport


High-quality lubricants to maintain operational readiness

  • 24/7 lubricant solutions, ready where you are.
  • OEM-approved fleet and equipment lubricants and specialty products blended in ISO-certified plants
  • Global distribution centers and long-term supplier relationships enable fast operational turnarounds


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With a track record of delivery excellence on a global scale, including in high-risk operational environments, we deliver safe, sustainable, and innovative fuel and energy solutions worldwide.

Energy Solutions for the Full Supply Chain

Delivering excellent defense solutions is about a lot more than just supporting military activities at the front. There is a full supply chain that requires defense-grade energy supply and military fuel storage solutions. This includes providing solutions for supporting industry and manufacturing operations. Whether those operations are defense contractors or within the Department of Defense, we can offer the solutions you need.

Our services cover more than just delivering fuel and energy to your facilities. We can also help you with procurement, distribution, financial management, technology, and sustainability. World Kinect Energy Services is your go-to partner for comprehensive fuel and energy defense solutions. You can take confidence in our extensive history of providing world-class energy solutions in the most challenging environments.


Fuel for Industry

The defense industry requires fuel solutions that can ensure maximum logistical efficiency. For example, fleet vehicles require regular fueling. We can provide physical supply solutions such as fuel tanks, onsite fleet fueling, and fleet fuel cards.

These can be paired with fuel usage monitoring and data management solutions. These can help you to both increase efficiency and contain costs. Our specialized ground services can keep your operations running smoothly, no matter what the requirements may be.

Fuel for Manufacturing

We also support manufacturing within the defense space. Whether you need fuel for equipment, fleet vehicles, or anything else, we have options that can work for you. Defense & fuel have always been closely linked. Even within defense manufacturing, you can’t risk your success with poorly planned supply logistics.

Our team can help you with both static and mobile military fuel storage options. We also provide a variety of ways to get that fuel to your equipment at just the right time.

Electricity for Industry

World Kinect Energy Services also has your electricity needs covered. The right electrical supply can significantly impact both your operations and your costs; we provide electricity trading, balancing, and wholesaling solutions. We can provide you with 24/7 spot market access with international reach. No matter where your operations are based, we can help you get the most from your electrical supply.

Electricity for Manufacturing

Similarly, we can offer electricity supply solutions for manufacturing operations within the defense industry. Electrical procurement can be essential for keeping operations running smoothly. With the help of one of our defense specialists, you can receive a tailored plan for providing electricity to all your defense manufacturing locations.

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We deliver safe, sustainable, and innovative fuel and energy solutions worldwide with a track record of delivery excellence on a global scale, including in high-risk operational environments.