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Kinecting the dots to deliver the
fuel and energy supplies you need

Delivering energy in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, World Kinect helps our
global, national and local customers ensure reliable supply for fuel and energy through our global
network of proprietary assets, strategically-located supply inventories, and long-term partnerships
with third party suppliers.

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Everything Fuel. One Trusted Partner.

Reduce the cost and complexities of using multiple fuel and equipment providers. Whether you need a single product or a comprehensive fuel solution, World Kinect provides a single source of quality conventional or renewable fuels, lubricants, additives, tanks, inventory monitoring equipment, and fleet cards. 

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Everything Energy. One Trusted Partner.

We are here to take the burden off your shoulders by managing the complex process of moving your energy from where it is produced to where you need it.



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A world of solutions for Fuel and Energy Supply

From conventional and renewable liquid fuels, lubricants, electricity, and natural gas, we provide the networks, assets, and expertise needed to deliver every gallon, kilowatt or BTU required to keep your operation running worry-free. Our global footprint includes boots on the ground in local markets on four continents and reliably serves tens of thousands of customers.

Case Studies

Pelagia Case Study

Pelagia saved €960.000 with active portfolio management from Kinect


Could Price Risk Management Work for you?

If you regularly buy fuel at daily low rack prices, you're speculating in the energy market. Our experts can help.


Fuel Price Certainty is Easier than You Think

A major factor threatening growth in any business is the uncertain, often volatile, cost of fuel. 

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We’re passionate about energy. For decades, we’ve remained dedicated to our valued customers, delivering fuel and energy solutions that help them operate more efficiently, save precious internal resources, and meet their bottom line.