Minimize Price and Operational Risk

Price Risk Management


Avoid second-guessing what the market prices will do next. One of the major factors threatening the growth of any business is the uncertain cost of fuel & energy.

If you do not have the ability to easily pass on an increase in energy & fuel prices to your customers, our price risk management experts provide the insight and data to help you hedge your commodity prices and smooth out potential market price fluctuations. World Kinect helps you assess how much risk is appropriate to take on to strike the right balance between uncertainty (your unhedged supply) and price certainty (hedged supply).

Stabilized energy spend

Don’t gamble with the daily market prices, especially if you are a large consumer of energy or fuel.  Secure more protection against energy price volatility and more predictability for your budget.

Reliable partnership

 Benefit from our deep expertise in physical and financial hedging products, along with a global supply footprint. As a public, Fortune 150 company, we offer a solid balance sheet and act as your transparent and strong financial counterparty partner.

Tailored to your goals

Fully flexible and customized buying options from a full suite of hedging tools/ contracts  (both physical and financial). We always work with you to design price risk management strategies to accomplish specific needs of your business.

Stakeholder alignment

Get help to reach consensus on risk objectives and a clear go-forward plan across different parts of your organization with diverse objectives. In one unique workshop, we bring together all your relevant stakeholders to discuss the best approach and get their buy-in.

Actionable insights

Do you want to be a market analyst or focus on your core business? We will stay on top of key price drivers and provide ongoing market intelligence & insights. We also provide ongoing assessment of your portfolio & tactical recommendations.

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