Fuel, Lubricants, & Storage Equipment Sourcing Options

Bulk Fuel Delivery


Customers like you rely on us to deliver over 20 Million gallons of fuel every day into tanks or generators at your site, from roadside construction to multi-site industrial operations.

Bulk fuel deliveries are made with our own trucks in most UK, US, and Brazil markets or through our partnerships with hundreds of suppliers and local carriers to supplement our physical footprint. 

Diesel, kerosene, gasoline, biofuel, or renewable diesel, we can tailor the fuel type and delivery to meet your unique needs on whatever schedule is convenient for you.

To deliver every gallon and liter required to keep your operation running without a hitch, we monitor and manage our own and 3rd-party operations through processes and procedures aimed to deliver on time, deliver safely, and with minimal environmental impact. Also count on our selection of tanks, tank maintenance, fuel additives, and inventory telemetry solutions.  


Minimized fuel run-outs

Through our 24/7 delivery capabilities and programs that help ensure supply in emergencies and for backup generation.

Competitive pricing

Benefit from our deep relationships with suppliers for better purchase economics. Multiple indices are available globally. Maximize your working capital through extended payment terms, innovative financing options, and active inventory management. 

Better reporting

Easier tax recovery, purchase history, and fewer hounding drivers for fuel receipts. Online self-help portals with customized reporting by vehicle or by site.

Reduced carbon footprint

Flexibility to procure various alternative fuels as the sustainability landscape shifts. Easy way to compensate for emissions with carbon offsets embedded into the price of delivered fuel or selected from green projects of your choice.

How it Works. Source Renewable Fuel

In addition to conventional diesel and gasoline, World Kinect also supplies Biodiesel, Biogasoline, Renewable Diesel, & Renewable Gasoline, helping you develop a fuel solution to address your low-carbon goals that take commercial realities into account. We will also validate fuel quality and test engine compatibility to ensure your equipment functions as intended.

Switching to renewable diesel is complicated - supply chain challenges and fuel quality challenges are all too common. Our customers require assurance that the product they purchase comes from a sustainable source and that it does not damage their equipment.

Consider Carbon Offsets to Compensate for Your Fuel Emissions

Whether you are using conventional or green fuels, carbon emissions cannot be avoided. If one of your organization’s goals is to reduce your carbon footprint, carbon offsets will help. 

Carbon Offsets are certificates - generated by environmental projects around the world that are cleaning up our atmosphere – that individuals and organizations could buy to reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon Offset certificates are a cost-effective and practical solution that can provide positive marketing benefits, enabling you to showcase your carbon reduction efforts to attract new customers and demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable future to stakeholders.

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How it Works. Fuel Sourcing Options

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