Fuel, Lubricants, & Storage Equipment Sourcing Options

Fleet Fuel Cards


World Kinect’s fleet fuel cards provide off-site access for your vehicles to fuel at fueling stations and truck stops, nationwide in the UK and US. No matter your fleet size, whether it is white vans or heavy-duty trucks, local or long-haul, we have a card for you.  

World Kinect’s fuel cards could serve as a primary fueling source when installing a tank on-site is not economically or practically viable. However, many of our bulk fuel delivery customers also use fleet cards as a backup system to ensure their vehicles stay fuelled on the road. 

More secure than credit cards, plus with purchase controls and discounted pricing, fleet fuel cards are a simple way for fleet operators to manage fuel spending across your fleet, keeping admin time to a minimum, and taking advantage of savings on fuel. 

More buying power

Use one fuel network to warrant better pricing at the pump.

Better usage monitoring

Cards tied to a driver or a truck, for a better understanding of your P&L per job or per truck.

Better control

Mitigate misuse and employee fraud with advanced pre-sets, spending restrictions, & control limits on products purchased.

Cost-effective carbon offsetting

An easy way to compensate for carbon emissions from the fuel you consume is through fuel cards.

Back-up solution

Make sure your drivers never get stranded without an authorized payment option.

Reduce driver downtime

Let the drivers focus on driving instead of wasting valuable time locating best-fueling sites, calling in for spending authorization, or processing paper receipts.

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