Fuel, Lubricants, & Storage Equipment Sourcing Options

Fuel Tanks, Additives, Maintenance, & Telemetry


Whether you are looking for a stationary bulk fuel storage solution or a portable tank for a temporary job site, we work with reliable manufacturers across the globe to provide a wide range of storage and monitoring solutions to fit your business needs.

In addition, our tank monitoring technologies help you optimize your inventory levels, improve delivery efficiency, and prevent costly fuel and lubricant outages. 

Right-sized storage

Minimize the frequency of fuel deliveries to keep cost and carbon footprint down. Vast selection of permanent to portable tanks, including deliveries to remote sites. From simple budget-friendly systems that offer security and functionality for smaller operations to systems that monitor the fueling at major airports, we have a solution guaranteed to fit your need for electronic fuel management.

Hands-off delivery scheduling

Tank and fleet telemonitoring equipment for real-time visibility of fuel levels.  We remotely monitor your fuel levels and deliver when you’re running low. A fully managed service, reducing your risk of costly run-outs. 

Efficient operations

Eliminate the need for manually dipping tanks.  Gain a powerful reporting tool without the need for manual inventory entries and track usage from a smart phone.

Improved cash flow

Just-in-time” deliveries reduce inventory carrying costs and help to optimize your working capital.

Consistent fuel quality

Fuel grade per your specifications, with access to tank maintenance and additive programs that help control moisture and microbials in fuel tanks and prevent wintertime gelling in engines.

How it Works. Tanks & Storage Equipment

We take care of tank installation, manage your inventory levels, handle dispatch with carriers, and optimize how much fuel gets delivered and when. Our highly qualified and experienced HSE experts conduct all projects to the highest health and safety standards, ensuring that designs and working practices protect individuals, infrastructure, and the environment. 

How it Works. Telemonitoring

We manage your inventory levels and optimize how much fuel gets delivered and when. World Kinect’s tank monitoring service links into our (and our 3rd-party carrier) fuel and lubricant delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below a specified level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery to ensure you always have enough fuel and lubricants.

World Kinect provides mobile (in-fleet) and stationary (in-tank) fuel dispensing monitoring solutions from best-in-class manufacturers, offering a closed-loop fuel delivery and account-keeping system, helping you to manage every drop.

How it Works. Telemonitoring



How it Works. Additives & Tank Maintenance

Fleet operators ourselves, World Kinect understands the necessity for clean fuel to avoid increased fleet downtime and inflated maintenance costs. Our certified technicians and a network of vetted partners deliver customized technical services to meet your specific needs.

Our maintenance programs and fuel treatments vary by location, season, and OEM specifications to ensure the right additives are dropped at the right time and in the right climate to mitigate most issues.

Cleaner Fuels In Your Tanks

Over time, water can build up in a tank, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and issues around corrosion.

Use World Kinect’s additive program that maintains your fuel’s stability, controls water and moisture, and prevents tank rust and corrosion. 

We also provide tank retrofitting, repair, site & tank cleaning, dispenser repairs, fuel testing, uplift, & polishing, and periodic inspection of your fuel infrastructure facilities.


Wintertime Additives

50% of winter diesel vehicle breakdowns can be attributed to contaminated storage tanks. Filter clogging due to wax and ice is another common issue in geographies prone to freezing. 

We’ve partnered with the leading makers (like ValvTec) of premium winterized additives that improve cold weather starting, clean up all types of injectors, improve storage stability, & restore 
fuel economy. 

Ask about our free onsite evaluation of your fuel program to determine whether our additives can improve your fuel quality.

Higher Performing Engines

To maximize your fleet’s fuel economy, power, and emission control from diesel engines, there are additional year-round additives to consider:

  • Detergent Packages - prevent and clean up existing deposits. Clean injectors help engines start easier, improve power output, and can boost fuel economy by over 7%.
  • Cetane Improvers - provide more complete combustion, reduce exhaust emissions, and improve cold temperature starting.
  • Lubricity Improvers  - prevent premature fuel pump and injector wear that low-sulfur diesel fuel can cause because of decreased lubricity levels.

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