Minimize Price and Operational Risk

Fuel & Power Emergency Management


Are data visibility gaps increasing your risk of cost creep, overconsumption, compliance risk, and less effective decision-making?

Many of our multinational or multi-site customers find it “an enormous effort” to centralize up-to-date energy information across their operations.  Without accurate data, how confident are you that your cost and consumption are optimized? That you not being overcharged by utilities? That you are complying with the regulations?

With our Data Aggregation, Bill Validation, Cost Recovery, and Customer Reporting Portal services, World Kinect can help you gain a full picture of your dispersed energy and fuel consumption, cost, and carbon data, resulting in an integrated and holistic view of risks and opportunities. 

Take away the hassle

Tap into our technology and a team of analysts to remove manual effort from gathering and standardizing your energy data from different geographies, with different tax regulations, volume units, currencies, and languages.

More effective decision making

Let us consolidate and standardize your fuel, energy, & carbon data for the 360° view of cost and usage at the meter, site, and company level to develop an action plan to optimize your energy mix, budgeting, carbon footprint, compliance, and buying strategy.

Recover costs

Find potential savings with our Bill Validation service due to billing errors from your electric, natural gas, and water utility, supplier and pipeline. This often leads to the recovery of over-reported emissions too.

Stay compliant

Utilize our reporting to provide public visibility of your energy use and associated carbon emissions in mandated geographies.

Self-service reporting

Get consolidated, downloadable reporting and dashboards of your fuel, electricity, natural gas, and carbon data in our on-demand customer portals.

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