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Onsite Fleet Fueling


Also known as mobile fueling or wet-hosing, onsite fleet fueling is a contactless service where fuel is delivered directly to your vehicles or equipment.

Using World Kinect fleet fueling can help you run a better, more efficient fleet operation. You can schedule for our technicians to deliver when your fleet is “home”, day or night. Your drivers then come to work, and their fleet is ready to go. This is a simple way to keep your vehicles on the road more often. 

Save in labor costs

We do the fueling for you when your fleet is “home”, so drivers get on the road and to work quicker.


Better fuel use tracking

More controlled; therefore, better reporting. Mitigates misuse by taking fueling out of your drivers’ hands.

Easier compliance

Less need to monitor environmental and safety regulations regarding onsite fuel storage, or deal with tank insurance or with hassles from fuel spills.

Less downtime

Take advantage of our fuel usage reporting by vehicle to schedule preventive maintenance. Onsite fleet fueling also mitigates potential accidents at the pump.

Contactless and cleaner

Your drivers literally do not have to touch the pumps and fueling of your fleet.  Keeps your employees safer and your fleet clean.

Cost-effective carbon offsetting

An easy way to compensate for carbon emissions from the fuel you consume is through fleet fueling.

How it Works. Onsite Fleet Fueling

Onsite fleet fueling is a fit for you if:

  • Your fleet frequently returns to a centralized location and/or you have off-road equipment that needs fuel.
  • Your fleet has long periods of downtime when onsite fueling can be done.
  • Your site has access to our fuel delivery truck to maneuver.
  • Your vehicles are staged in a place, easily accessible by a fuel truck.
  • Your fleet is growing, making it hard to keep up with onsite tank sizes.
  • Onsite fueling can fill a temporary or project-based need.
  • You require better reporting on fuel usage and costs.

With on-site fueling services, all your drivers need to do is return their vehicles to your base locations. Our delivery technicians will visit your site on your schedule to fuel up your vehicles. Then, when your drivers return to get back on the road, they will find fully-fueled vehicles. It couldn’t be easier for your team.

By choosing fleet fueling, you can avoid onsite fuel storage or use of retail fueling stations, allowing you to locate your fleet’s home base without worrying about proximity to fuel pumps or environmental tank regulations. 


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