Each year Skjern Papirfabrik produces more than 65,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, from recycled paper and cardboard collected in Denmark.Skjern Paper Mill has refined and optimized their production process for more than 50 years. Although they have made many changes, including becoming ISO 50001 certified and invested heavily in production facilities, paper production is still an energy intensive process. So, it is important to continuously keep an eye on energy prices, and be ready to respond quickly to market fluctuations. Skjern Papirfabrik needed an advisor and portfolio expert that would act independently within the agreed mandates that they set. Kinect Energy Group worked together with Skjern to develop an active approach that addresses the high energy consumption at the plant and market fluctuations. Allowing us to manage their energy portfolio frees up internal resources for the company, giving them the chance to focus on their core business.


kjern Papirfabrik has worked with Kinect Energy Group for several years. They moved to portfolio management to trade directly on the stock exchange to take advantage of market volatility - a dynamic approach that delivered results.


Skjern Papirfabrik adopted active portfolio management which within the given mandate trades directly when the signals in the market are right for them.At the same time, there is full transparency with comprehensive online reporting and the opportunity to continuously review the developments and changes in their portfolio.