Reduce Carbon Footprint

Step 1: Develop A Carbon Reduction Plan


Don’t know where to start? If you’re feeling the pressure to decarbonize your operations and stay compliant, the first step should be to measure your current carbon footprint and design and implement a realistic long-term emissions reduction strategy so that you are able to communicate credible future progress to your stakeholders.

An actionable decarbonization plan ensures that you have a thorough understanding of the wide range of options available to meet your targets, spanning all emissions scopes, while identifying risks and aligning with stakeholder expectations. 

Having a practical carbon reduction plan will set your organization on the right path to meet your targets.  Rely on our experts to provide the best insight and advice for establishing a more realistic and credible carbon-neutral strategy. Our carbon reduction plan is designed to give you a better understanding of your current carbon footprint, helps identify risks, and set out goals and strategies on how to reduce it.


Demystify sustainability

Our customers without in-house experts often lack both - the sustainability knowledge and resources. You can count on our experts to become your go-to carbon reduction partners & guide you to establish a realistic & credible carbon reduction plan.

See the whole carbon picture

What isn’t measured, doesn’t get fixed. Let us capture the 3600 view of your carbon footprint and establish a baseline for tracking future progress.  We also measure your current initiatives across the organization and benchmark against best practices.

Ensure compliance

We will advise you on what’s required for you to be compliant with local carbon emissions reporting regulations, depending on your goals, locations, industry, & size. We provide reporting, certification, and compliance advice for voluntary & mandatory global schemes.

Get internal alignment

Get help to reach a consensus on carbon reduction objectives across different parts of your organization with diverse objectives.  In our Carbon Reduction Strategy workshops, we bring together all your relevant stakeholders to discuss the best approach and get their buy-in, and to develop your clear go-forward sustainability plan with measurable outcomes.

Keep track of progress

Utilize our online self-service customer portal to get consolidated reporting and dashboards of your energy cost, consumption, and carbon data, with full visibility of your carbon emissions by site and scope.

How We Do It. Carbon Reduction Planning Services

Carbon Reduction Strategy

Every organization has different needs on its path to net zero. From establishing a baseline and building a plan to auditing your energy use and implementing renewable alternatives the team at World Kinect offers a keen understanding of how to pull together what you need from every resource available. There’s no need to sacrifice profitability for sustainability, and our team of experts can show you the way.


Carbon Footprint Reporting

Measure and understand emissions from your operations with our Carbon Footprint Reporting service.  Our experts work with you to consolidate data on your electricity, natural gas, and fuel consumption, calculate emissions, and take steps to reduce it.  Your emissions data by Scope is captured in our Kinect Online self-service portal, exclusive to World Kinect customers. 


Carbon Compliance Services 

World Kinect helps you navigate the global regulatory landscape, which could be a challenge, particularly for decentralized, international organizations. Our experts will guide you on the requirements, audit your data, and provide reports on energy & fuel consumption and emission data to help you achieve compliance with regional mandatory and voluntary carbon schemes and programs.


How We Do It. Carbon Footprint Reporting


World Kinect Carbon analysts will consolidate your custom-specified energy and fuel consumption data and invoices to calculate your
carbon footprint and make it available on-demand at our Kinect Online customer portal. View your carbon map, personalized carbon dashboards, and reports, giving you a comprehensive overview of your organizational footprint from a company, site, or meter level, aligned with Scopes 1, 2, & 3
under the GHG Protocol.


Expert Setup & Help Desk

Team of in-house experts will help with the setup of sites in the CFR system including  departments, sub-groups, and commodities. 


Global Coverage

The Consumption Map dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your organizational footprint from a company, site or meter level, in 10 different languages.


International Compliance

Country-specific emission factors are used for conversions and results are compliant with reporting guidelines for GHG, CDP, GRI, ACA, and many more. 


Promote Success

Utilize World Kinect progress reports to communicate to your stakeholders and customers on your organization’s carbon reduction success.



Results can be viewed on-demand and downloaded in MS Excel or PDF format. Custom reporting and annual carbon footprint statements can be developed on request. 


Track Progress

Are you on track to meet your green energy goals? Set carbon KPIs and monitor progress over time from a company, site, or meter level, using our green /red / yellow light method.  

Step 1 Visual

The sustainability Advisory Team will:

•    Educate your teams & key stakeholders on climate and sustainability topics
•    Measure current initiatives and benchmark against best practices
•    Explore new opportunities that work with existing measures
•    Deliver a go-forward plan with measurable KPIs
•    Execute a custom carbon footprint reduction plan

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