Reduce Carbon Footprint

Step 2: Reduce Energy Use


Energy efficiency is a key driver for tackling climate change. And reducing energy consumption is the most cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint while improving operational efficiency and resiliency.

So regardless of governmental requirements, improving energy efficiency should be the foundation for any company wishing to simultaneously lower carbon emissions, reduce bottom-line costs, and further environmental, social, and corporate governance. 

We can help identify strategies to use less energy across your facilities. Our energy efficiency facility audit services are designed to help you achieve exactly that. Consume less. Spend less. Be more sustainable. 

Tangible savings

 Energy efficiency is the single most cost-effective way of reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.  Our customers typically see >2% in savings for our zero-cost measures and another 10-20% in savings with less than 2-year payback.

Stay compliant

In some regions, regular energy efficiency audits are mandatory, as is the case in the European Union where article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) makes it compulsory for large companies to conduct energy audits every 4 years.

Unbiased equipment improvement advice

We are not equipment manufacturers. Since we don’t promote equipment like other companies, our primary aim is to save you as much energy as is feasible for as little expenditure as possible, using your existing equipment.

No large investment requirements

Unlike purchasing new equipment, energy efficiency control improvements can be undertaken for very low, or no investment, frequently yielding much larger savings than replacing existing equipment with something more ‘efficient’ but otherwise like for like.

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