Reduce Carbon Footprint

Step 3: Source Renewable Energy & Fuel


Today, renewable energy sources are part of the mainstream commodity mix, and are increasingly as good for the environment as they are for your bottom line, but which are right for you?

Onsite wind or solar? Renewable Energy Certificates? Renewable gas? Biofuels? 

World Kinect has the expertise and the tools to help you decide the right path for your operations regardless of how simple or complex they may be. 


No greenwashing

You can’t control what kind of electricity you are buying from the shared grid, but you can showcase your carbon reduction efforts by making a tangible investment into your own onsite solar or wind energy generation, finance offsite renewable electricity projects, or purchasing renewable (vs regular) diesel. All our physical and certificate products follow the highest international standards, so you can walk your “sustainability talk”.

End-to-end solution

World Kinect provides a 3600 analysis across the renewable energy landscape to ensure your sourcing plan is economically & environmentally viable, including insights on green project & technology options, energy flexibility, regulations, & investment cost modeling. And when it comes to renewable certificates, we can source, issue, and cancel the certificates on your behalf.

Cost savings

With solar now often cheaper than conventional generation and wind turbines becoming larger and more efficient, overtime, you can reduce your energy costs by generating your own energy vs. buying off the grid. Plus, as pricing variance among project developers can be stark, we ensure you get the most competitive deal.

Procurement efficiencies

Simplify your procurement strategy with World Kinect, as we can simultaneously customize a low-carbon energy sourcing plan tailored to your financial and sustainability goals, source renewable power, fuel, and electricity or biogas certificates from our vast network of global suppliers.

How It Works. Renewable Energy Strategy & Workshops

Step 3
Renewable Energy Strategy

Powering your business with renewable energy can be a good business decision, but it is critical that you understand the wide range of factors, options, and contractual instruments it involves. If your business is considering renewable energy, World Kinect helps you kick off the conversation and your internal stakeholder alignment with our Renewable Energy Strategy Assessment – a structured approach for evaluating how you can increase the use of renewable energy everywhere your business has operations.

Step 3
Renewable Fuel

Many organizations with fleet are looking to switch to lower-emitting alternative fuels, but not every green fuel is a perfect fit for every application. World Kinect can help you identify the best alternative fuel and assist you in developing a renewable fuel procurement strategy. Together we determine the best renewable and biodiesel options available at your locations, best suitable to your equipment specifications, as well as budgetary and carbon goals.  We will help source and deliver the fuel, run tests for equipment compatibility, and determine the mitigated carbon emissions. 

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Renewable Electricity & Certificates

When you buy energy from the grid, there is often no way to know the exact energy source of your consumed electricity and gas. Thus, World Kinect can help you source or generate your own renewable energy. Or when cost-effective sourcing or generating options are not available, we can still help to mitigate your carbon emissions through renewable energy certificates – credits sold by solar, wind,  & biogas projects, generating green power or gas on your behalf, enabling you to reduce or eliminate your Scope 2 emissions. We source, purchase, and cancel the certificates, delivering an end-to-end solution.  

How It Works. Source Renewable Electricity

Baseline & Market Analysis
We start by preparing:
  • Evaluation of your energy footprint across all sites to establish a baseline and current state of energy purchasing
  • Energy market overview, including political, incentive,  & regulatory analysis
  • Assessment of renewable energy sourcing options, availability & cost implications by market, including potential of onsite solar installations 
Strategy & Financial Calculations
Next, we deliver:
  • Detailed roadmap & strategy of how you can increase/ achieve 100% renewable electricity procurement & key considerations
  • RE100 & CDP-compatible recommendations
  • Timeline for delivery of each option, by technology and per geography
  • Aggregated financial assessment of the chosen scenario for the next 10-15 years
Workshops & Continuous Support
Finally, World Kinect provides:
  • Help with building consensus among your key internal stakeholders
  • 3-5 workshops on each procurement option, key findings, and final recommendations
  • Review of your potential marketing claims and PR messaging strategies to help promote your progress
  • Support with the next steps and implementation of the chosen path

How It Works. Renewable Energy Strategy & Workshops

Install your own solar energy system

You generate your own renewable power 

Onsite or Offsite

  • Our services
    • Feasibility study, high-level site assessment for solar PV and other renewables                                 
    • Preliminary layout designs and production estimates                          
    • Financial and energy modelling of onsite renewable systems                                                                               
    • Procurement tender to find suitable developer or funder                                                                          
    • Full project development services through the client representative model
    • Help with selling & monetizing your green power/  green gas and relative green certificates, managing contracts, logistics, compliance & tax benefit realization
    • Support in disclosing your Scope 1 & 2 footprints

Fixed electricity cost for life of the project. Once the project is fully financed, power generation is virtually free. Visible commitment to renewable energy

You operate and maintain the system. Upfront capital expense for 100% of the system’s cost. Onsite scalability could be limited.

Enter into a Power Purchase Agreement

You offtake renewable power directly from 3rd-party generator and/or collect renewable energy certificates 

Onsite or Offsite

  • Our services
    • Initial site qualification, layout, and design             
    • Project identification and analysis to meet your objectives                                                      
    • Locating financing agreement options, such as PPA (onsite) or VPPA (offsite)
    • Competitive bidding or RFP process
    • Bid analysis and developer recommendation
    • Contract negotiation
    • Development oversight through system commercial operation
    • Support in disclosing your Scope 1 & 2 footprints

No OpEx or CapEx requirements. Join larger projects with economies of scale

Long execution timelines & long-term contractual commitment. Electricity price is dependent on contract terms.  PPAs could be difficult to implement in regulated markets. Onsite scalability could be limited.

Source Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Use green energy generated by projects owned or contracted by 3rd-party suppliers or your utility, backed by a certificate


  • Our services
    • Sourcing, purchasing, and canceling certificates on your behalf
    • Advisory on the best fit among all available options, in deregulated markets, such as international or local 3rd-party green electricity projects or local utility programs (such as Green Pricing, Green Tariffs, Community Programs, Supplier Procurement, and Community Choice Aggregation)
    • Access to our platform with our global green energy-generating partners
    • Issuance of confirmation certification verifying your green energy consumption 
    • Support in disclosing your Scope 1 & 2 footprints

Simplified procurement. Quick to execute (<1 month)

Long execution timelines & long-term contractual commitment. Electricity price is dependent on contract terms.  PPAs could be difficult to implement in regulated markets. Onsite scalability could be limited.

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