Reduce Carbon Footprint

Step 4: Offset Remaining Carbon Emissions


Often carbon emissions cannot be avoided and this is where carbon offsets come in.

Carbon Offsets are certificates - generated by environmental projects around the world that are cleaning up our atmosphere – that individuals and organizations could buy to reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon offsets enable you to compensate Scope 1 and Scope 3 fuels and natural gas emissions that cannot be reduced due to, for example, limitations in available technology or prohibitive costs of alternative energy. 


Simplified procurement

Rules and methodologies for carbon offsets are gradually becoming stricter and more precise. We can help navigate the market and support your carbon offset journey. Also, benefit from the ability to purchase carbon offsets along with your purchase of fuel and natural gas from World Kinect.


Carbon offsetting is the most practical and very affordable way to neutralize your residual emissions and a much better alternative than doing nothing.

Immediate & retroactive

Offsets could be used as a bridging mechanism while your organization is working on reducing your emissions. You can offset the most current emissions or those from decades back.

Enhanced brand value

Many offset projects contribute to the improvement of life for people across the globe through access to clean energy, better health, education, and jobs. Leverage all available marketing materials from World Kinect’s global portfolio of carbon offset projects to promote your climate leadership to your stakeholders.

Trusted projects

We only provide offsets from the largest and most credible certification programs, like the Gold Standard, that have been in the carbon market for more than 15 years. A project registered under one of these standards has been through a rigorous verification and certification process.

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