As a market leader, Arco offers the widest range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workwear in the UK. With a 30% growth in new sites over the last 12-18 months, Arco needed to ensure that its new outlets were operational and open for business as soon as possible.


Arco’s rapid growth has been supported by Kinect Energy Group (“Kinect”) through specialist energy procurement and contract management services. Kinect was a critical partner to Arco in making the energy supply and metering arrangements for their new outlets seamless and efficient.


To ensure that Arco’s new sites became operational in the shortest possible time, Kinect optimised timescales, supporting Change of Tenancy arrangements, meter installations, and supply contract additions within a very short timeframe. And even after supply contracts have been signed, Kinect continues to monitor and report on wholesale market activity, identifying key opportunities for Arco to tender its estate. Being ready to act during the existing contract term has continually enabled Arco to secure competitively priced contracts. Lastly, Kinect aligned billing arrangements for the various sites with Arco’s internal processes to help streamline utility invoice processing. Additionally, Kinect continues to provide invoice validation services to identify and address any anomalies promptly and efficiently.