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Virtual and Direct Power Purchase Agreements

Power Your Business with Clean Energy through Power Purchase Agreements

“Renewable electricity comprises approximately a third of all global power generation today, but it’s projected to increase to 90% by 2050.”  Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A  Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract (usually between 10-15 years) through which a corporate buyer agrees to purchase electricity and Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs – an umbrella term for all renewable energy attributes including GOs, RECs, REGOs, I-RECs, etc.) physically or virtually from a renewable energy generator. 

A popular solution for helping businesses around the world migrate toward a net zero future, this powerful tool also helps you meet long-term carbon reduction goals and satisfy various stakeholders. There are generally 2 types of PPAs:  

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Direct Power Purchase Agreement

Electricity produced by a wind or solar facility is physically delivered to power the corporate buyer's operations.

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Virtual Power Purchase Agreement

A financial arrangement between a renewable energy generator and a corporate buyer that offers them guarantees a cashflow for the renewable energy project.  

World Kinect Explains: Virtual Power Purchase Agreements 

At a Get Kinected event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, renewable energy experts provide insight into the tangible benefits of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements.

Securing a Power Purchase Agreement

Partner with energy experts

When securing an off-site PPA, the right partner can make all the difference.

World Kinect’s energy specialists are with you from beginning to end, delving into the details of energy markets and solutions so you don’t have to while helping you to negotiate the optimum contract with some of the best Project Owners around the globe.

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Power Purchase Agreements from World Kinect

PPA Assessments

Partnering with World Kinect to secure a PPA starts with an assessment of your organization, its energy needs and its overall goals. In just a few weeks, we provide you with a no-obligation detailed analysis of the market, support for internal key stakeholder alignment, a financial assessment of potentially fitting offers and a strategy for moving the project forward with timelines and milestones. The PPA assessment service takes about six weeks.

  • Kickoff – determine organizational pains, needs and goals with regard to renewable energy.
  • PPA Education – convey a full understanding of PPA structures, market insights, considerations and challenges.
  • Stakeholder Alignment – conduct workshops with stakeholders like finance, accounting and legal teams.
  • Financial Assessment – assess customer-specific bids to understand financials.
  • Delivery and Findings – evaluate potential PPA opportunities and considerations.

PPA advisory

Working with World Kinect as a PPA advisor begins with the full PPA assessment and progresses to an in-depth PPA project selection process. This typically includes a detailed analytical and economic analysis of real PPA projects on the market and in our pipeline, support selecting your PPA project, assistance negotiating the term sheet and definitive PPA, and ongoing post-PPA execution support as needed. A PPA advisory takes about nine to twelve months, depending on complexities. 

  • Stakeholder Alignment – conduct workshops with stakeholders like finance, accounting, and legal teams.
  • RFP Launch – send a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) to 200+ project developers in our database.
  • RFP Evaluation – perform risk and financial analysis of solicited offers, including third-party electricity price forecast scenarios.
  • Project Selection – conduct interviews with shortlisted developers and select a preferred developer.
  • Transaction Negotiation – provide support for term sheet and PPA negotiations.

Are Power Purchase Agreements right for you?

Whether you want to start decarbonizing your business or your current sustainability plan is falling short, the energy experts at World Kinect can help determine if a direct power purchase agreement (DPPA) or a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) is right for your organization.  

Our team can also help guide you through your other options for mitigating Scope 2 emissions.  If you have the physical space and other requirements, onsite solar could be a great option. Unbundled Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) around the world can help your decarbonization and sustainability goals as a bridge solution until more long-term solutions are feasible or in place. 

If you are not sure where to start … our energy experts can conduct a Renewable Energy Strategy Assessment to help determine which solution would work best for your business. 

Contact our PPA/VPPA team to explore your options.



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Why World Kinect for Power Purchase Agreements?

The strength of our service comes from our energy experts, who share over 100 combined years of expertise in consulting and renewable energy. Customers consider World Kinect an extension of their team – always on their side to help optimize every facet of their energy needs.

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