Clear Channel UK has a national network of 35,000 advertising boards. In 2014, they began a project to convert these boards into digital display units. Kinect Energy Group (“Kinect”) acted as project coordinator for the sites, and facilitated the provision of supply contracts and the installation of electricity meters for these digital billboards.


Clear Channel UK required a structured approach that was also sufficiently flexible to accommodate a fluctuating number of meter installations, across varying geographical locations, over a prolonged period of time. Kinect was able to put in place a model that was both adaptable and robust.


Kinect acted as a receptacle and coordinator between Clear Channel UK, their contractors, the electricity supplier and the meter operator. New meter requests came through on an irregular basis -- in some weeks, none would arrive; in others, multiple requests came through daily. Kinect’s response needed to be adaptable, with the appropriate level of resource available as required. Kinect reviewed all new connection forms received, whether from contractors or direct from Clear Channel UK. Errors were highlighted swiftly and returned to the appropriate party for immediate correction, limiting time delays. Kinect also arranged the provision of supply contracts, undertaking a small-scale procurement exercise for each new meter and ensuring that contractual arrangements met Clear Channel UK’s requirements. Kinect has arranged over 900 new meter installations in the last two years. Kinect continues to work with Clear Channel UK, providing procurement, estate management, and bill validation services.