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Carbon offsets

We are making it simple to offset your carbon emissions

Carbon Offset Fuel from World Kinect Energy Services is a simple and cost-effective way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Switching to Carbon Offset Fuel is an effective approach that many businesses are now taking to help them work towards carbon neutral status without  changing the type of fuels they use. 

Carbon offsetting
How does carbon offsetting work?

Understand carbon offsetting, and how Carbon Offset Fuel is a more sustainable choice.

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carbon offsetting
How are we supporting carbon offset projects?

Discover the projects we support in our efforts to lower your carbon footprint. 

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carbon calculator
Can I calculate my company’s carbon footprint?

Understand your CO2 impact by using our intuitive calculator. 

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What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a method of balancing the impact of the unavoidable emissions most businesses produce. A carbon offset contributes to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to compensate for those made elsewhere. 

We can support you with a range of carbon offset solutions. Whether you want a simple way to counteract your fuel’s emissions, or a tailored approach to reach specific targets, we can help. Find out more about our customized carbon offsetting services for standalone purchases. 


Carbon Reduction


Carbon Offset Fuel 

Our Carbon Offset Fuel combines the strength of our liquid fuel supply solutions, with our carbon offsetting expertise to provide a simple and quick way to lower the impact of your fuel use. When you buy Carbon Offset Fuel, a proportion of the price you pay to fund global carbon projects that counteract your order's emissions. 

You can choose to offset each fuel purchase you make through World Kinect Energy Services by simply switching to Carbon Offset Fuel when you place an order or asking our sales advisors to change your order for you. 

By opting for Carbon Offset Fuel, your business benefits by lowering your carbon footprint and helping to fund global carbon projects that support key UN Sustainable Development Goals – all without needing to implement internal initiatives or switch fuels. 

If you would like to place an order for carbon offset fuel, please get in touch. You can also click below if you have a specific inquiry.


Why should you offset carbon emissions?

All liquid fuels release greenhouse gases (including CO₂ and NOx) into the atmosphere as part of the combustion process. CO₂ equivalent (CO₂E) is a metric that can be used to measure the net impact of all liquid fuel types. It can convert the net impact of all these gases into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential. 

We understand that it is not realistic or necessarily possible for all companies to reduce emissions. That is why our carbon offsets are an excellent way to continue reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact. It also helps organizations to:

  • Have an immediate impact on the transition towards Net Zero
  • Meet increasing customer and investor demand for companies to take action to address their carbon footprint
  • Prepare for regulatory change to ensure products and services remain viable
  • Show climate leadership with marketable carbon reduction efforts 

We have also made sure choosing Carbon Offset Fuel is simple for our clients. You can:

  • Benefit from a single vendor relationship
  • Avoid additional upfront fees 
  • Keep using your existing systems, machinery and processes
  • Support independently verified carbon offset projects around the world 
Our Global Partners

At World Kinect Energy Services, we ensure all of the carbon offset programs we support enable positive global change. Our sustainability experts ensure every program meets one or more of the following standards and certifications:

Our Projects


Our Projects

Additionally, every project has been independently verified against rigorous international standards, which provide a methodology, independent verification process and registry process. This ensures our Carbon Offset Fuel contributes to emission reductions that are real, permanent and unique.  
We are currently sourcing Carbon Offsets from renewable energy projects across India that meet our robust criteria. 

Why World Kinect Energy Services?

We are global experts in energy and sustainability. Our specialists help businesses find cost-effective and seamless ways to transition to a better supply – one that is both reliable and more sustainable.  

  • Dedicated sustainability experts with 20+ years of experience.
  • Our diverse global carbon offset portfolio enables you to choose to positively impact specific geographies or project types.
  • As a trusted partner to transportation, shipping, and logistics customers worldwide, we understand the unique challenges involved in decarbonizing complex logistics networks.
  • We provide a turnkey solution covering everything from measuring your carbon footprint to helping you market your carbon reduction efforts and aspirations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are they Gold Standard Carbon Offsets?

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