Energy Sourcing Options

Procurement Advisory 

World Kinect provides detailed evaluation of your current energy purchase approach and based on the findings, helps you locate and establish competitive 3rd-party suppliers, optimized to your requirements and market conditions. Consolidate energy procurement management for all your facilities through our centralized team of experts. Our ISO14001 certified team implements the plan tailored to your business needs. Even after the contract with the supplier is signed, your World Kinect account manager is on hand to support with compliance, cost management, sustainability solutions, contract renewals, & more. We manage Everything Energy – so you don’t have to.

Unbiased expert advice

From a consultant (rather than a vendor selling commodity) to help you select the best supplier and energy mix.  On your behalf, we create competition among qualified suppliers for your business.  Benefit from a supplier-neutral consultant looking out for your bottom line, providing an action plan, helping seize market opportunities, and managing your energy procurement.

Single point of contact

We build personal relationships with your team through a dedicated account manager and local market representatives to help achieve continuity and consistency of your procurement strategy and tactics.

Continuous consulting

After an initial action plan, based on information gained from your specific operations and needs, you will have access to ongoing energy management evaluation, price risk mitigation, and improvement advisory against your objectives for cost and supply.

Extension of your team

Full energy-management expertise to supplement your in-house capabilities. Energy procurement is not likely your core business, but it has been ours for over three decades.  We will manage your energy spend by helping your organization minimize in-house expert personnel and provide a whole team of experts working on lowering your costs, keeping you compliant with the ever-changing regulations, and delivering insights from your data. 



Review your historic energy costs, your current contracts and suppliers, consumption, and conventional vs renewable energy mix, along with assessing your desired future targets and objectives, and identify the best energy procurement model to support your business goals. 



Select appropriate energy suppliers, prepare RFP document and send it to suppliers (2 rounds) to help create competition among existing and new suppliers to optimize their pricing, credit, balancing, and other terms to more accurately reflect the ever-changing market. 



Evaluate supply offers and present our shortlisted recommended suppliers. Negotiate an agreement with your preferred supplier(s) and help navigate contract terms and available credit line options. 



Support changes in tenancy arrangements, meter installations, power factor corrections, capacity optimization, and supply contract additions. Align billing arrangements for the various sites with your internal protocols to help streamline utility invoice processing.



Continue to provide value-added services such as Bill Validation services to identify and address any anomalies in supplier charges. Provide Price Risk Management services to ensure you are not at the mercy of volatile market prices, as well as Cost Management services for non-commodity grid charges.

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