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 Water bills increased for UK businesses in April 

At World Kinect, we’re always looking for ways to help UK businesses lower their energy and utility costs and operate more profitably. The increase in water rates that took place this April may have affected your business, but you might still be able to make savings, and reclaim historic monies owed. Here’s how.

Why have water bills increased?

Commercial water bills from every UK supplier increased on April 1st. The increase happens every year, although this year the rises are bigger than usual.

The spike has been unusually large because interest rates over the past few years have been so high. In addition, Ofwat – the UK’s Water Services Regulation Authority – has recalculated its default price cap, increasing the retail rates businesses pay for water. This, coupled with increased rising infrastructure costs, has increased water companies’ operating costs, which ultimately has been passed onto the user.

While a handful of tariffs will go up by a few percentage points, as the table below shows, our water experts’ tariff analysis shows that some bills could increase by more than 15%.  

UK commercial water price increase comparison 2024 
Water increase table

Source: Created by World Kinect’s Water Experts, based on like-for-like tariff analysis of all water suppliers. 


World Kinect could help your business make savings  

The water industry was deregulated in England in 2017, and in Scotland in 2008 meaning businesses are free to compare alternative water suppliers, and switch water supply contracts.

However, only around a quarter of UK businesses have ever done so to date*, and with the largest water rate increase in almost two decades, there’s never been a better time to review and switch water suppliers and take advantage of the savings out there. Your business could tap into a cheaper water tariff, delivering lower monthly bills and long-term savings.

So far this year by switching suppliers, on average we have saved our clients £11,543.26** on their water contracts.

Our expert water team can make it easy to review and switch suppliers

If you’re considering changing your water supplier, World Kinect’s water experts can make it easy. We’ll get to know your business and water usage and apply our detailed knowledge of the water market to help you find the best deal. It means there’s no need

for you to spend your own time researching and comparing suppliers or their often-complex tariffs.

We’ll also carry out the actual switching process for you: scrutinising and completing any contracts on your behalf. Water billing can be more complicated than other utilities, with fewer standardised practices and more hidden or unpredictable charges. This means that getting help from the experts can make an even bigger difference when it comes to simplifying your admin and saving you money.  

World Kinect could help you claim historic refunds on your water bills

Even if you don’t decide to switch suppliers, our comprehensive water management service is always available, and could help save you money in different ways.

For example, as part of our service, World Kinect will audit your historic water bills and check for errors or overcharges. Billing errors are unusually common in water billing, with as many as 1 in 8 bills*** containing mistakes. Over recent years we’ve already secured rebates for many of the businesses we help, often winning them back thousands of pounds they didn’t even know they were owed.

How our water process works 
water process

Our water management strategies could help minimise supply disruptions

World Kinect’s water experts can also futureproof your water provision, reducing the threat of unpredictable supply and lowering the risk of wasting water through inefficiency or inadequate infrastructure. From leaky pipework or a broken toilet flush, to improving how your business uses water – these are areas where our water audit and expert advice could help to reduce your consumption, and costs.

Why World Kinect?

Easy: World Kinect is a trusted global energy and utility services business, with a 35-year track record and 4,000+ specialist staff. We’re also an accredited member of the Utilities Intermediary Association: an official mark of integrity.

And we’ve already helped hundreds of UK businesses with their commercial water provision, helping them streamline their operations and save hundreds of thousands of pounds between them.

When it comes to commercial water provision, we think the bottom line is simple: let the experts help. If water is something your business depends on every day and it’s a significant cost to your business, it makes perfect sense to get help from experts who could help save you money, minimise your risk, and simplify your day-to-day admin. 

Take action now and get in touch to talk with us about your water requirements.