Carbon Trading

When it comes to direct EU ETS trading and CERs, you need a trusted and experienced partner. We can help you control the costs of your emissions exposure with comprehensive and worry-free services. 

Are you capturing the opportunities of EU Emission Trading Scheme?

Is your business ready for Phase 4 of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), scheduled for 2021? Are you maximizing your opportunities before Phase 3 closes? At World Kinect Energy Services, we can seamlessly manage your carbon exposure and disclosure with the same proactive team, saving you time and money.

See the whole energy picture

With 35 years' energy management and supply exprience we can help you optimize revenue streams, and control the costs of your emissions in CO2, N2O, and PFCs. We offer:

  • Direct EU ETS and other energy trading support
  • Market monitoring, analysis, and expert-led market access
  • Portfolio management to control costs, risks, and optimize hedging strategies 
  • Carbon registry support and other compliance obligations 
  • EUA to CER swaps  
Trading Graphs
Trusted carbon trading experience for today and tomorrow

Get everything energy from one expert partner. As the pace of annual allowance reductions increase and the Market Stability Reserve gets tighter, we offer deep in-house expertise in trading carbon around the world and managing your regulatory reporting.