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Compensate for Scope 1 and Scope 3 Carbon Emissions with Carbon Offsets

We will tailor a custom Carbon Offset solution for your organization designed to help compensate for its Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions. Our trusted experts will help your organization make a specific impact on certified carbon offset projects of your choice.

What is a carbon offset?

• A Carbon Offset represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that can be used to compensate for emissions made somewhere else.

• Purchasing Carbon Offsets helps companies to compensate for their residual carbon footprint by supporting projects worldwide that reduce carbon emissions.

• Many Carbon Offset projects contribute to the improvement of life for people across the globe through access to clean energy, improved health, education, and jobs.

• Carbon Offsets are not a complete solution for managing your company’s entire carbon footprint, but they are an effective bridging mechanism that can be used to compensate for residual and direct carbon emissions

How does carbon offsetting benefit your business?

• Builds your brand value: Leverage all available marketing materials from World Kinect Energy Services’ global portfolio of carbon offset projects.

• Adds value to your customers: Customers are increasingly looking to do business with companies that are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint

• Inspires your people: Set the tone for your employees to embrace a carbon reduction mentality that will help them at work and in their homes.

• Displays climate leadership: Show how your company’s vision of the future spreads beyond a P&L and expands into becoming a responsible global citizen.

Why buy carbon offsets?

The world is in a rapid transition toward a zero-carbon future and carbon offsets help you to act today while working on longer term reductions.

• Consumers and investors alike are demanding that companies take action to lower their carbon footprint.

• Reducing your carbon footprint helps future-proof your business and have a positive, marketable impact on the world.

• Purchasing Carbon Offsets compensates for your residual corporate emissions (Scope 3) as well as your direct emissions (Scope 1)


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We Only Source Carbon Offsets That Enable Positive Global Change

We only source Carbon Offsets from projects that have been independently verified against international standards. These standards provide a methodology, independent verification process and registry that ensures emission reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique. We source from standards such as:

• Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

• Gold Standard

• United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)


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Natured Based Solutions

Estimate Your Scope 1 Emissions

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Why should your business consider bundled carbon offsets?

• Turnkey service that helps even a company in the beginning stages of its sustainability journey to differentiate itself from its competition with a best-in-class sustainability program

• Impacts specific carbon offsetting projects

• Supports the advancement of carbon reduction projects and technology

• Automated and easy to setup

• No change needed to your existing systems or equipment

• No upfront fees

• Can be implemented quickly

• Existing fuel or natural gas customer? Benefit from a single-vendor relationship


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Why World Kinect Energy Services?

• Dedicated sustainability experts with 20+ years of experience

• We are a merchant supplier of a full range of bio and conventional fuels and natural gas

• Our global carbon offset portfolio includes projects that replace or reduce of carbon from the atmosphere via renewable energy or afforestation projects. Thanks to our global reach, our customers can choose to positively impact specific geographies or project types.

• As a trusted partner to so many transportation, shipping, and logistics customers worldwide, we understand the unique challenges involved in decarbonizing complex logistics networks.

• Our team of qualified carbon-reduction and sustainability experts provide a turnkey solution that includes everything from measuring our customer’s fuel-related carbon footprint to helping them market their carbon reduction efforts and aspirations.

• We only source Carbon Offsets from projects that have been independently verified against international standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard, and the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

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Unable to Access Renewable Fuel or Renewable Natural Gas? Bundle Your Fuel or Natural Gas Purchase with Carbon Offsets.

Renewable fuel and renewable natural gas are not always available or price competitive. Our bundled carbon offset solution helps you compensate for your fuel or natural gas-related carbon emissions and reduce your Scope 1 emissions while making a specific impact on projects of your choice. 

We believe that a lack of access to renewable alternatives should not prevent fuel or natural gas-consuming organizations from having a positive impact on the climate. As a result, we have created a bundled carbon offset product to give our customers the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world while supply of low carbon alternatives becomes more commercially viable.


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