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We can help switch your supplier or utility to get the best energy prices and provide long-term solutions to keep energy costs down and set tangible sustainability goals.


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Utility rates are on the rise. Let us help your business energy needs in these unprecedented times. 


Energy costs can take up a significant portion of your overheads, particularly if you have multiple or larger sites that require large amounts of electricity, gas to operate. 

With local knowledge of your energy market, backed by the organization’s global expertise, our team of energy brokers create an energy strategy tailored to your bespoke business needs. 

Making small adjustments to your energy usage not only make a huge difference to your bills but can help also improve your sustainability goals, by creating tangible steps to reduce your environmental impact.

What is an energy broker?

BrokerEnergy brokers are experts in the field of energy prices and have substantive relationships with numerous energy providers to help find the best deal for their customers. 

An energy broker’s job is to analyze your energy use, find the best rates and manage the relationship between supplier and client.  

Energy brokers will closely monitor your energy contracts, they know what to look for when analyzing bills, from bill validation, identifying errors on bills and cost recovery services. They can also flag when contracts are up for renewal and help switch suppliers to ensure you pay the best rates, saving you time and giving you peace of mind. 

A qualified, diligent and transparent energy broker can add huge value to your bottom line and save you from possible hassles with your energy supplier further down the line. 
Brokers get paid by charging commission on the energy their clients use. 


What services do World Kinect Energy Services provide?

Energy procurementWorld Kinect will manage the process of streamlining your energy costs from start to finish. This includes:

Researching and gathering quotes – We will liaise with several trusted energy suppliers to identify the most affordable and reputable in the sector.

Oversee the process of switching –  Facilitate the transition from your current supplier to the new one, establishing a switching date and providing regular updates on progress.

Managing contract terms – When a contract is coming up for renewal, we will handle the process of renewing or switching suppliers again to ensure you maintain the best deal and experience a smooth renewal process. 

Advice on energy use – We can advise on your overall energy use and how to become more efficient. 

How World Kinect can further reduce your energy bills

Aside from energy brokerage, World Kinect Energy Services offers an extensive suite of services to help your business manage its energy efficiently. Our team of experts understand local energy markets and how suppliers work, allowing us to provide the best advice and support for our customers. 

Our other services include:
•    Energy expertise
•    Energy consultancy
•    Energy procurement
•    Energy advice
•    Energy partnerships 
•    Sustainability advice
•    Electric Charging point services

We will: 
•    run a full audit of your energy bills to find you a better deal taking your peak operating needs, meter and capacity into account
•    compare up to 35 global suppliers to find the best deals
•    help switch supplier and secure fixed, blended, index or pooled energy
•    apply for utilities refunds you’re owed from previous years
•    manage contracts and navigate a smooth supplier change

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