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World Kinect delivers savings, reliability,
and service. 

Ensure your business has the best deals for gas, electricity, and water from the UK’s most trusted utility suppliers.

Is your business overspending on gas, electricity, and water? Especially for small and medium-sized organisations, these utility expenses can quickly add up. Having expert advice from a reliable brokerage can help ensure you’re getting the best deal for your specific needs. 

World Kinect can help streamline your costs from start to finish. With the backing of a Fortune 100 company, our local specialists have helped companies of all sizes reduce their bills, manage market challenges, and simplify procurement. Some of the ways we achieve this include: 

  • Working with more than 20 proven suppliers to ensure that you get the best deal possible  
  • Applying for any refunds owed to you from previous years' utilities 
  • Handling everything from your metering operations to data collection agreements 
  • Actively managing contracts on your behalf, navigating the complex world of supplier change, facilitating change of tenancy, and query management 

Our goal is to make utility management as stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest. 


World Kinect Energy Brokerage Services

Energy Brokerage​

Energy Brokerage​

Our experts will provide a range of offers based on your business requirements, including:​ 

  • Fixed Contracts​ 
  • Flexible Frameworks​ 
  • Renewable Contract Options​  
  • End-to-end contract management services 

Energy Services and Sustainable Solutions​

Energy Services and Sustainable Solutions​

Our energy service solutions include, but are not limited to:​ 

  • Metering Connections and Alterations​ 
  • Meter Operator and Data Collection Agreements​ 
  • Energy Data Reporting​ 
  • Compliance, ESOS and SECR​ 
  • CCA’s and CCL Refunds​ 
  • Renewable and Efficiency Solutions, Solar, CHP, EV Charging, LED Lighting, Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation

Water Services​

Water Services​

Our water advisors can help with:  ​ 

  • Water contract procurement​ 
  • Historic revenue recovery 
  • Water audits 
  • Query management​ 
  • Data management and metering solutions 

Billing Services​

Billing Services​

Our billing services team can provide a comprehensive bill management function including:​ 

  • Invoice validation for gas, electricity and water​ 
  • Historical contract validation​ 
  • Performance monitoring​ 
  • Finance reporting 

 Proven results from experts you know

Delivering seamless and reliable energy brokerage services for businesses across the UK since 2004. 

Originally founded as Orchard Energy, and based in Yorkshire, we’ve delivered top-notch service for our clients since day one. Our efforts have earned us recognition as one of the top 10 energy procurement and consultancy businesses in the UK. The secret to our success? We’re committed to personalised service for our clients and tailoring solutions for their needs.  

In 2017 we joined the World Kinect family. Now our regional energy brokerage services for electricity, gas, and water are backed by the size and scale of a Fortune 100 company and some 5,000+ employees globally. 

Today, we’re proud to be the go-to partner for UK businesses seeking to best manage their energy and water costs. Our energy experts are based across England, Wales, and Scotland and work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the highest levels of service. 


Benefits of working with World Kinect Energy Brokerage

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A hassle-free process

We compare different prices and suppliers on your behalf, putting our decades of experience to work for you. We'll even manage the switch to a new provider for you and take the responsibility of managing and renewing your contracts.  

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Reduce costs

We can help you access the most competitive rates to save on operational costs. Where applicable we can advise on government schemes and incentives, and can also claim any available refunds on your past and future bills.

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Ensure compliance

With commitments to reducing the environmental impact of energy use, almost every organisation needs to report or reduce energy consumption. We can help you navigate routes to cost-effective compliance, ensuring you meet all legislative requirements. 

Explore whether you could be saving on gas, electricity, and water. 

Get in touch with us by clicking below or call us on 0844 581 0844 

"For six years, World Kinect have provided us with the forward-thinking energy management services we’ve needed. They
are flexible, quick to provide solutions, and share our vision for the campus. World Kinect have kept pace with our growth
ambitions and reduced our energy costs at the same time, which really helps our wider remit of delivering great value to
our students."


Compliments and Complaints Process

At World Kinect Energy Services, we appreciate all feedback, good and bad. We recognise excellent service and share positive feedback

with relevant teams or individuals. We also believe in making it easy for customers to express complaints or dissatisfaction. 


In the UK, we’re accredited members of the following organisations: