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Energy Risk Assessment Workshops

Purchasing energy always starts with defining a solid strategy - the one that incorporates diverse objectives of different part of the organization.  

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We help you reach consensus

It can be challenging to identify all the risks associated with energy purchasing and determine the best strategy to protect your budgets.  Stakeholders from different parts of the organization sometimes have competing objectives.  How do you build one executable approach? We’ve got 35 years’ experience doing just that.

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Align through our customized Risk Strategy Workshops

Let our experts help your organization reach consensus on your price risk strategy.  We work with your teams to identify your unique risk factors, constraints and profit expectations, and quantify them objectively. Then, in one unique workshop, we bring together all the relevant stakeholders from your organization to discuss the best approach and get their buy-in. 

We execute and manage the plan on your behalf

Following the workshop, we make the plan operational and ensure you receive clear reporting against the stated objectives. Integrate your hedging strategy with physical and financial energy procurement for a comprehensive, coordinated approach. Because World Kinect Energy Services is Everything Energy, drawing upon our procurement, supply, hedging, carbon trading and renewable energy teams, we become the primary partner to meet your defined goals. 

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