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Upgrade Automated Fuel Dispensers to Use Latest EMV Technology

Limit fraud liability and avoid losing business, even de-branding, with help from World Kinect Energy Services.

Complete your fuel dispenser upgrades, and ensure you’re protected against fraudulent transactions for the EMV 2021 deadline.

What you need to know about the EMV 2021 deadline

The EMV Compliance deadline is April 17, 2021. Upgrading your automated fuel dispensers to ensure you’re protected against fraudulent transactions is key to limiting your business' liability. Let our experts walk you through the conversion process for your fuel dispensers and share the benefits of making the decision to upgrade ahead of the deadline.

Take advantage of World Kinect Energy Services preferred pricing

As an industry leader, World Kinect Energy Services has used its scale and influence to negotiate with Gilbarco and Wayne to receive national account pricing for its clients, on EMV-compliant kits and fuel dispensers.

Retrofitting or upgrading your pumps will take time, but by working with World Kinect Energy Services you can save money by becoming EMV compliant as soon as possible.

What does EMV Compliance mean to your business?

As the date for EMV 2021 approaches, you want to protect your business from financial liability, by having equipment with the latest security standards. And as the deadline approaches, technician availability is expected to tighten, and installation costs will increase.  See why World Kinect Energy Services has the right experts to guide you through the process of converting your fuel dispensers and c-stores, helping you limit risk exposure to credit card fraud.

EMV Compliance Can Protect Your Customers and Your Business.

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Get expert guidance on converting your fuel dispensers and c-stores.

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