Easy to use fleet fuel cards

With World Kinect, fleet cards help your trucks get to their destinations easily, reliably, and affordably... every time!

Don't let your money slip away by not using World Kinect fuel cards

With World Kinect Energy Services fleet fuel cards, you can receive special fuel discounts. The Commercial Card can be used at more than 4,000 locations to get wholesale cost-plus prices. Each gallon of fuel can make a huge difference in the bottom line for any fleet operator.

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"With World Kinect, we know what we are going to get, good price, good service, and good quality. We don't have to worry about it, and things that I don't have to worry about as a business owner are things that I stick with."

- Jon Rhoades

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Why World Kinect Energy Services?

A fuel company with 35+ years of experience and serving 60,000+ customers, World Kinect can change the way you manage fuel expenses. Our fleet fuel cards integrate seamlessly into how you currently fuel your fleet. We provide the controls, convenience, security, and flexibility you need to manage and save on fuel purchases.

Fleet Card FAQ: What You Need to Know

What is a fleet fuel card?

A fleet fuel card is a payment method that gives your business controls to:

  • Purchase fuel with preset limits
  • Pay for fleet vehicle maintenance
  • Pay for other misc expenses (such as c-store items) as authorized by the business Unlike credit cards, fleet cards provide businesses with detailed reporting and driver and vehicle tracking – while reducing overall administrative tasks.

How do fleet cards work?

Commercial fleet cards work on different networks:

  • You can choose a fuel card solution from a network that best suits your fleet’s fueling needs. 
  • At locations within network, fleets can earn cents per gallon savings or rebates on their fuel purchases. 
  • Fueling locations can include cardlocks (unattended fueling sites designed specifically for commercial fleets), retail gas stations and/or truck stops.

How do you get a fleet card?

The process to apply is simple:

  • Identify a card offer based on your fleet’s needs. 
  • Fill out an application.
  • Get credit approval.
  • Order cards for your business.
  • Set up card controls for individual drivers or trucks.
  • Begin fueling and save!

How are fleet fuel cards used?

Commercial fuel cards are designed for small businesses and large fleets. As a fleet owner and operator, you're seeking a fuel card customized to your business's unique needs.

  • Fleet cards can be used as your primary fueling source, with driver's filling up at a cardlock location, gas station or truck stop during the day or when they return back to base at day-end.
  • For fleets using onsite fleet fueling or are fueling themselves from an onsite fuel tank, commercial fleet cards can be a great back-up solution giving drivers ready access to fuel and maintenance services - without a need for them to return to base.

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