The Kinect Energy Schools Program

Educational institutions face unique challenges in regard to energy management because of their geographic layout, differential age of facilities, and need for accurate budgeting in regard to energy spend. Kinect Energy has been serving the energy management needs of schools for more than two decades. Today, more than ever, you need to know that your school is receiving the lowest possible natural gas and electric supply costs. That is exactly what the Kinect Energy Schools Program does – we provide low cost, predictable, professionally guided energy management services.


The University of Minnesota (U of M) is the fourth largest public university in the U.S., serving the needs of more than 70,000 students. The U of M boasts world class research, medical, business, education, pharmacy, law, public health, management, engineering and science schools. Energy Challenges & Solutions The University of Minnesota consists of five geographically dispersed campuses. The energy challenge is to manage each campus as economically and efficiently as possible. To meet this objective, Kinect Energy works with the U of M to employ a number of services, including a comprehensive price risk management strategy, customized to meet their risk objectives, and most importantly to give them price certainty

Price Risk Management Services

Price Risk Management Services is a key factor to the success of any energy management plan. Kinect Energy partners with the U of M staff to execute gas hedges and purchases to meet the plan objectives. On-going assessments of market conditions are analyzed to provide the U of M with the best-possible data guidance.

Reporting Services

Reporting Services provide timely and valuable data to the U of M. The school receives a consistent flow of budget updates, hedge position reports, and cost/usage reports at a U of M (consolidated) level, campus level, campus building level, and meter level. The Schools Program keeps the U of M up-to-date on market pricing and industry trends through its Weekly Report.

Invoicing Services

Invoicing Services provided by Kinect Energy produces correct and timely invoice management. Invoices are reviewed, audited, reconciled and paid, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Consulting Services

Kinect Energy provides timely information regarding bio-fuel opportunities. The astute energy management practices employed has resulted in lower cost, improved efficiency, and better managed risk throughout the University system.