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On-site Power Generator

Are you looking to materially reduce your electricity spend?

If your company produces electricity, as a merchant generator or as a generator of excess power from owned assets, then we can help you manage your assets for greater profitability and lower risk.

Our team of experts will develop the strategy and execute your switch from retail to wholesale electricity procurement. We handle the whole process end to end. Once you are set up, we support your day-to-day electricity supply needs by becoming your in-house procurement team. We further reduce your costs by managing your loads during peak seasons.

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Our full-service offering includes:

• Initial set up from the Retail market to the Wholesale market

• Design and implement forward purchasing strategy

• Daily scheduling of load

• Peak load management

• REC and renewable power procurement and management

• Ensure with compliance with state and federal requirements

• Invoice reconciliation services from all suppliers

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What makes World Kinect different from other companies?

• Customer savings by outsourcing to expert 24/7 partner

• Utilization of advanced analytics and performance dashboards to ensure best recommendations

• Hedging and market expertise adding material value

• Regulatory expertise that keeps you current in the markets you operate in, including RTOs and ISOs

• Access to hourly financial and market pricing information for proactive guidance and decision making

• Proven, material cost reductions for our clients

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