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Emergency Fuel Florida

Searching for fuel delivery in Florida? We have local staff on the ground now.

Do you need diesel, gasoline or DEF? World Kinect can create a customer fueling strategy and deliver fuel to you. We’ll work to keep your trucks and equipment running.  (We’re also headquartered in Florida.) 

Providing Fueling and On-going Diesel, Gasoline or DEF Delivery in Florida 


Whether you are a construction company or managing a fleet, we provide onsite fueling services for job-site tanks and on-road / off-road equipment. No-hassle delivery is our expertise.

Trusted to Be There Even When It's Hard

“Even in times of tight supply and demand, such as inclement weather and hurricanes, we and World Kinect … work together and come up with a game plan to make sure we don't go without fuel.”

Gray Smith, Fleet Manager Fred Smith Company, NC

Crisis Readiness and Support

Our special operations team is here to help you have the fuel, equipment and energy supply that you need. We can also help you prepare for the future.

pumping fuel

Be supported by a trusted supply partner

  • Work with a distributor specialized in the safe, local delivery of fuel products
  • Access physical delivery assets located across Florida
  • Detailed contact plans

We can serve as your energy first responder on the front line.  You’ll have a fuel expert to contact and help keep your business running.

Fuel Truck Sunset

Evaluate what worked and iterate for the future

  • Reassess fuel, storage, and equipment needs
  • Post-event recovery strategies
  • Business continuity plan review

Count on us to help you execute through the phases that lead back to normalcy. Recovery plans can include clean-up operations, safe product procedures, and delivery schedule changes. We also help you identify lessons learned to incorporate into your ongoing emergency response plans.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

An auxiliary fuel tank is an integral part of a robust business continuity plan. World Kinect provides auxiliary fuel tanks that ensure your generators will operate dependably for as long as you need them. We make sure you have an emergency fuel supply for your generator that will sustain your business during an extended state of emergency.

Emergency Fuel Delivery Service 

Many are familiar with World Kinect Energy Services as a premier supplier of commercial fuel solutions, but we are also highly experienced in emergency fuel supply services. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and numerous other catastrophes can happen in an instant, and often cause a fuel disruption. If your business provides essential services or supports recovery efforts, you need to secure your fuel supply.

Emergency Diesel and Commercial Fuel

For over 35 years, our global World Kinect customers have depended on us to be there for emergency fuel delivery service. We have delivered over 20 billion gallons of premium diesel fuel, liquified natural gas, gasoline, heating oil, propane, kerosene, and biofuels worldwide. If you must keep the lights on and stay on the road, we are the distributor you can trust to fuel your day-to-day operations. We can help you institute new ways to optimize your operations by providing high-quality, cost-efficient energy and fuel solutions

Keeping You Powered During the Toughest Times 

Emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That's why you need a robust business continuity plan that includes auxiliary fuel storage an emergency fuel supply delivered when you need it. Our highly experienced team at World Kinect Energy Services has the expertise to perform under pressure when time is of the essence. If you want to ensure that you have a dependable emergency fuel supply for your business continuity plan or if you need help with a better way to meet your energy and fuel goals, request a call from one of our experienced experts.




Three Quick Tips for Fueling Through a Storm

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