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Fleet Connect Fuel Tracking Telemetry Technology

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World Kinect truck
Accuracy is an issue for most on-site fueling sites & fleets

Tracking fuel transactions accurately is a challenge for most business.  How much fuel was physically dispensed, and into which vehicle? Did the right fuel get into the right tank? What time of day did the fueling take place?

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Revolutionize your fleet fueling. Effortlessly.

FleetConnect answers these questions. Fuel data no longer needs to be hand-written on paper tickets and manually entered into a back-office system.  Using our RFID technology, vehicles and tanks are tagged and scanned prior to fueling eliminating misfuelings. The fueling information is immediately, automatically, and accurately uploaded to a web-based account, centralizing your fueling data and providing asset utilization insights. You save time and prevent mistakes, identify under-utilized equipment, and optimize your back office. Further, FleetConnect creates a fuel consumption audit trail for full accountability, mitigating pilfering.

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We have the track record to help you succeed

World Kinect Energy Services securely monitors fuel usage of ramp equipment and vehicles at major airports and FBOs, marine terminals, and fixed tank sights for fleets around the world.  From small regional airports and large ports, to multi-site mining operations and utility fleets, FleetConnect is the answer for any customer in need of an electronic fuel management solution. 


Discover More

This sophisticated Tracking Fuel Delivery system increases efficiency.

Discover More

This sophisticated Tracking Fuel Delivery system increases efficiency.


Manage Every Drop with FleetConnect a World Kinect Energy Services Solution

FleetConnect is revolutionizing the fleet fueling industry with a reliable way to fuel equipment and track consumption.