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Cardlock Fueling is Nearby

Quick Fuel, a World Kinect Company, offers access to a network of cardlock (unattended fueling sites) designed for commercial traffic and to quickly get your trucks on the road.  Many are equipped with high-flow dispensers. Visit our network of cardlock sites in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and across the US.

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Get your fleet back on the road quicker

  • Access to 300+ Quick Fuel Cardlock locations designed for commercial traffic. 
  • Highflow dispensers are available at most locations without the distraction of a convenience store. 
  • Added convenience with 80,000+ Gas stations through the Fuelman Network when working remotely.
  • Effortlessly track and manage fuel spending with sub-accounts, all accessible online.
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Fleet cards offer a suite of benefits aligning with needs of companies owning fleets.

Fuel cards can be critical in optimizing fleet management and reducing operating costs. From cost savings and enhanced expense tracking to improved operational efficiency and security, fuel cards can be critical in optimizing fleet management and reducing operating costs. We give you the tools to manage your fuel program with ease. The World Kinect Commercial Fleet Fuel card is perfect for fleet operators who want easy access to purchase controls, commercial fuel pricing, and thousands of locations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and the US. 

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Why Partner with World Kinect?

As a publicly traded fuel supplier, that also owns and manages a fleet, World Kinect understands fleet operators like you.  Not only can we get your fleet back on the road quicker, we can also provide card controls and centralized data management to help you manage one of your fleet's biggest variable expenses - fuel.

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