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Jargon Buster PDF

Know what you're paying for

Energy bills contain more acronyms than ever. Make sure you know what you're paying for with our jargon buster from World Kinect Energy experts. Download our guide today.

Comprehensive energy solutions to make your life easier

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Independent review of over 35 suppliers, to find the best contract for your business and budget.

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Conduct comprehensive utility audit to identify and negotiate backdated refunds on your behalf.

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Support throughout your contract, guiding you through renewals, terminations and changes. 

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Expert advice to improve your efficiency now, and support your journey to a sustainable future.

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Navigate the complex levies and changing legislation that apply to your business to help you stay compliant.

Local Energy Brokerage with Global Expertise

At World Kinect Energy Services we have 35 years of experience in energy brokerage and can help you the most from utilities contract. With independent view of up to 35 utility companies in the UK, our energy consultants will work with you to understand your energy needs and find the right package at the right time for your business.


Is sustainability rising to the top of your agenda?

By matching your strategic preferences to our wide array of sustainable options, we build and implement renewable energy solutions that work best for your organization. Let us help you balance your bottom line with your environmental goals.