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World Kinect Energy Services Minimum Delivery Fee effective July 1, 2023

Here is some information about a new minimum delivery fee that we will be implementing on July 1st, 2023.  This fee does not apply to customers when World-Kinect monitors your tanks and schedules deliveries for your locations on a keep-full basis. This fee will apply to all other tank wagon and fleet fueling deliveries under 200 total gallons.  

What you need to know
Any fuel deliveries below the 200-gallon threshold will be subject to a Minimum Delivery Fee, based on the size of the delivery and your delivered location by State. Detail of the fee structure can be seen below:

Delivery Volume (Gal) Minimum Delivery Fee
0 - 49   $ 100
50-99   $ 80
100 - 149  $ 60
150-199 $ 40

The variable fee structure will allow us to provide you with the flexibility of small delivery sizes to meet your needs and recover our operational costs on a per-delivery basis.

How World Kinect can help
As a World Kinect customer, you can benefit from our complete range of fuel solutions to help you minimize or avoid the Minimum Delivery Fee.

•    Assess your storage requirements.  Increasing your storage capacity could enable you to benefit from the operational and cost efficiencies of larger, less frequent deliveries. Learn more here: then contact your Account Executive to ask how.
•    Leave the monitoring to us.  Installing a World Kinect provided tank monitor gives you visibility of your tank levels at your fingertips via the myWorld portal, and we can schedule top-ups automatically when you need fuel. Learn more here:
•    Review your recurring delivery schedule.  Does it make sense to change your delivery day schedule and maximize your order volumes?  Contact your Account Executive to discuss the most efficient schedule for your operation.
If you have any questions about this fee, please contact your Account Executive or our Customer Experience Team at [email protected] or 1-800-444-8672.