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With retail outlets across Finland R-kioski is a complex multisite business that needed an experienced energy partner to provide risk management services and support a large portfolio of meter points.


R-kioski owns the franchise for a chain of convenience stores across Finland. They sell books, magazines, tobacco, ready meals, snacks and drinks. Plus a range of package services, games, prepaid mobile phone topup vouchers, fishing licences and tickets for public transport. R-kioski and their parent Reitan Group chose Kinect Energy as they can provide a ubiquitous energy management and fulfilment service. By understanding R-kioski’s business we have tailored our processes and reporting to match their requirements.


Kinect supplies R-kioski with electricity for their 26.5GWh portfolio. Kinect is also responsible for managing 450 of R-Kioski’s 500 stores, managing new connections, maintenance and disconnection on a daily basis across all of the sites. Kinect also provides R-kioski with risk management services to ensure that they optimise energy prices from the market, and cost management services for non commodity grid charges. R-kioski has access to Kinect-Online the online reporting tool, which gives them the opportunity to monitor energy costs and consumption live throughout their network, putting them in control of a diverse estate of properties.