Unlock Untapped Savings and Insights on How Your Fleet Fuels


  • Score commercial fuel pricing at 3,000+ CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) sites. 
  • Access to 300+ of our own cardlock fueling locations designed for commercial traffic. 
  • Added convenience with 60,000+ Gas Stations through the Fuelman Network when working in remote locations. 
  • Effortlessly track and manage fuel spending with sub-accounts, all accessible online." 

Save on fuel and score commercial rates.

Commercial diesel, DEF and bulk/packaged lubes are available.  Fast-flow pumps will help get your crews back on the road as soon as possible. 

Visit our network of cardlock sites in WA, OR, and across the US. Fueling open 24/7.  To explore – click on the interactive map.   

Fuel cards offer a suite of benefits that align with the needs of companies owning fleets.  From cost savings and enhanced expense tracking to improved operational efficiency and security, fuel cards can play a critical role in optimizing fleet management and reducing operating costs.  We give you the tools to manage your fuel program with ease.  The World Kinect Commercial Fleet Fuel card is perfect for fleet operators who want easy access to purchase controls, commercial fuel pricing, and thousands of locations in Washington, Oregon, and across the US. 

As a public-traded fuel supplier that also owns and manages our own fleet, World Kinect understands customers like you.  For 35+ years, we’ve helped 65,000+ customers buy fuel better and buy smarter.  Put our experience to work for you. 

Call our expert team to discuss your requirements at 1-281-280-2225, or fill in this form and we will call you back. 

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cardlock site?

Cardlock sites are typically 6 or fewer lanes, unmanned, and feature secure access controls.  Only authorized cardholders can access fuel dispensers at the cardlock site. They are designed for commercial traffic and for fast and efficient fueling.  They are typically open 24/7, and feature lighting and security cameras.   

What is a fleet card?

A fleet card (or fuel card) is a payment card that allows businesses with fleets to purchase diesel, gasoline, and fuel within a network of authorized cardlocks and gas stations.  

What other digital payment technologies for fleet fueling are available?

RFID (Radio frequency ID) features a small tag that attaches to the truck’s windshield.  RFID technology scans the tag upon arrival at the site and starts the authentication process and a digital payment app is available   CFNPay is a cardless payment solution featuring a smartphone app that can initiate fuel purchases by correctly responding to pre-assigned driver prompts for pump authorization.  Contact our energy experts for more details. 

How do I find a CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) / cardlock network site near me?

An online map is available allowing you to run searches to identify nearby locations from your desktop http://cfnfleetwide.com/site-locator/. A CFN location app is also available for Apple and Android devices. 

Who is World Kinect?

World Kinect Corporation (NYSE:WKC) is an innovative leader in the global energy industry.  We deliver energy solutions and provide local market expertise across the US.  Our diverse suite of products and services and commitment to sustainability have fueled our ascension to #70 on the Fortune 500 list.  We work daily with companies to support their business goals and associated energy needs. In 2016, World Kinect acquired the assets of APP (Associated Petroleum Products).  In 2021, we acquired the assets of Flyers Energy and QuickFuel to become the largest cardlock operator in the United States.     

What is CFN (the Commercial Fueling Network)?

CFN (and sister card network PacPride) is part of Fleetcor, a leading global business payments company.    The cardlock locations in the network are owned by hundreds of independent marketers and fuel distributors, allowing our commercial customers the ability to purchase fuel safely and competitively in WA, OR and across the US. 

Are CFN/PacPride cards the only cards accepted at World Kinect’s network of cardlock sites?

Some leading 3rd party cards are accepted in our network.  (Including Comdata, EFS, WEX, Voyager, Fuelman and Fleetone.)   You have access to Commercial Fuel Pricing through our CFN Cardlock Network.   

Do you offer a portal for managing fuel card programs?

Our portal will give you ultimate control over your fleet cards and budget.  As a fleet operator, at your fingertips, you’ll be able to customize individual fleet card controls, including day / fueling times, gallon limits, and vehicle and fuel type limits.  In addition to digitally centralizing fuel data, it’s also designed to support your team allowing users to be assigned different roles to restrict data and account visibility.