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Is sustainability rising to the top of your agenda?

With net zero targets and reducing emissions becoming a top priority across the globe, the need for renewable energy and carbon reduction solutions is greater than ever. Economic growth, urbanisation, and increased access to electricity are all contributing to a rise in demand for energy. Our 2021 Sustainability Whitepaper sets out the path to Net Zero and discusses the findings of the research in more detail. The whitepaper is based on a recent independent research project that we have completed in collaboration with YouGov. The data shows that nearly a third of SMEs have no strategy or goals in place for becoming more sustainable to ensure they meet the UK 2050 net zero deadline. Out of all the British sectors surveyed, the construction industry was most likely to not have a strategy. We understand the challenges and obstacles around sustainability that businesses like yours face, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which is why we’re helping operators in your sector set and achieve sustainability goals ahead of the UK’s 2050 net zero deadline.


 How to Save Energy, Money, and Reduce your Carbon Footprint
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