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Decarbonization Solutions:

Moving from Strategy to Sustainable Action

A Sustainability Partnership that
Meets You Where You Are

Shifting priorities. Stakeholder opinion. Evolving technologies.
Energy volatility. Changing regulations

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, navigating the moving parts and shifting conditions
in ways that move the needle…is hard. Finding the right partner can help.

World Kinect offers a structured approach to advancing your sustainability strategy by
helping reign in your various streams of data, align diverse sets of stakeholders, and execute plans
that gain the kind of traction that builds momentum with every effort.

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Our frameworks help you to gather and evaluate the data needed to hit your sustainability targets.

  • Establish priorities
  • Unlock opportunities
  • Document emissions data
  • Identify reduction levers


World Kinect Specialists & technicians help you guide your team(s) toward the best possible solutions.

  • Plan transition strategy
  • Establish decarbonization glidepath
  • Align stakeholders


We offer access to resources that help you implement strategies and realize your carbon reduction goals.

  • Execute plan based on priorities
  • Measure performance
  • Report on progress
  • Analyze and re-evaluate

Sustainability Solutions from World Kinect

Regardless of where you are in your decarbonization efforts, World Kinect offers the resources and the solutions that will help you
advance your sustainability program to the next level.

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Carbon Solutions fit for purpose.

Regardless of where you are in your efforts to decarbonize your business, World Kinect offers solutions backed by regional teams of experts and technical specialists around the globe ready to help you reach your targets within every scope and at any stage.

Reducing your carbon footprint by scope

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Scope 1

Types of Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from sources owned or controlled by an organization.

For Example

  • Vehicles and Equipment (Fuel)
  • Facilities (Natural Gas & Fuel)
  • On-site Landfills & Wastewater Treatment
  • Fugitive Emissions
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Scope 2

Types of Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of electricity, heat or steam purchased by an organization, but when the generating equipment is not owned by the organization

For Example

  • Purchased Electricity

  • Purchased Heating/Cooling

  • Purchased Steam

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Scope 3

Types of Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions caused indirectly by
organization’s supply chain and vendors related to
the organization’s activities.

For Example

  • Transmission & Distribution Losses (Electricity)

  • Business Travel

  • Contracted Solid Waste

  • Employee Commuting

  • Supply Chain

  • Contracted Wastewater

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Gather and analyze data. Establish reporting frameworks. Set key milestones. Develop strategies. Identify essential resources. Execute processes. Communicate fundamental progress.

Monitoring every carbon emission detail across an entire operation is just one part of an overall energy transition strategy. At World Kinect we’ve been helping organizations build momentum within the broader energy sector for more than 35 years.

Let us show you how it is done.






Our commitment to corporate sustainability

Why can you trust World Kinect to help you propel your decarbonization strategy? Because we’re doing the same thing ourselves. We’ve committed to six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are actively working toward achieving 100% carbon neutrality across our operations.

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