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World Kinect Sustainability Ventures: Our Approach


It is an exciting time in the energy transition, with an ever growing list of start-ups and investors focused on the space. Given the number of capital options out there – why World Kinect Sustainability Ventures?


We started as a start-up

It all started back in 1984 with a phone, a folding card table and two guys cramped in a harborside office in New York City. It was a time of global change in the energy market, and we found a key opportunity – making sure that global vessel operators in need of marine bunker fuel were successfully connected with the people who had it readily available. Fast-forward nearly four decades later, and World Kinect Corporation is still focused on innovation that provides efficient and dependable energy access for customers, now on a much larger scale.

Michael Kasbar Headshot
Michael Kasbar

There isn’t really anybody in the market that does what we do. There’s lots of people doing pieces of what we’re doing, but there isn’t anybody that does what we do as broadly in terms of the marketing and geography and breadth of services.

We have three core segments:


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11,000+ customers across 4,200 airports


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2,500+ customers across 1,400+ seaports


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140,000+ customers including both transportation and commercial & industrial companies

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We are global

Today, we have 150,000+ customers that operate fleets and facilities across 200 countries and territories. We have employees all around the world, with about half in North America, approximately one-third in EMEA and the reminder across Latin America and Asia.

Sustainability knows no borders or segments. We are hyper-focused on bringing solutions to customers across all of our businesses across the globe.

We are a connector

As Leonardo DaVinci once said, “Everything connects to everything else,” but sometimes those connections can be tricky and convoluted, which is why having a professional bridge that facilitates efficient, reliable, affordable connections is the key to a successful business. This is what World Kinect Corporation is all about.

With over 160,000 customer globally, we provide an unmatched customer rolodex to help emerging businesses scale rapidly.

Asian architects team talking about a new project in the office.

We have deep expertise.

We have in-house sustainability professionals and long-standing technical fuels leadership, which together form a very comprehensive skill set within energy. We offer access to decades of deep knowledge to our partners.

We are focused on service

Neither a refiner nor a retail distributor: we are a one-of-a-kind player in the energy space. We win on service and convenience. We are a capital-light business, with all of our the volumes sourced from third-party suppliers. We are a holistic and integral part of our customers’ entire energy journeys, helping clients access reliable energy while also guiding them on their journeys to net zero.

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Energy is changing, and we are changing.

As the world moves towards a cleaner energy landscape, the biggest challenge facing our industry is also our biggest opportunity: the global need for more sustainable and yet affordable forms of energy. Our customers are facing a particularly difficult energy “trilemma” – navigating between the need for reliable, affordable and available lower carbon energy alternatives, all while continuing to “keep the lights on” and deliver goods and services for their own customers today.

We at World Kinect Corporation are not only providing conventional energy to our customers around the world – but are also continuing to expand our portfolio of energy solutions, providing customers with greater access to sustainably sourced energy and solutions to get to net zero. Sustainability is not something we take lightly; it is a business imperative, and we are actively integrating it throughout our entire organization.

We think our business and market position are unique, and therefore so is the opportunity to partner with us. The energy transition is an evolution – it will not happen overnight, and we need to work together toward a sustainable long-term future.