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Our Portfolio

Energy Impact Partners

Energy Impact Partners brings together visionary entrepreneurs and influential corporates to drive the transformation of the global economy towards sustainability. With a portfolio of exceptional companies, they are pioneering clean energy solutions and fostering a greener future for all.


SparkCharge provides electric vehicle charging solutions, specializing in mobile, portable and on-demand EV charging. SparkCharge address the challenges of EV charging infrastructure expansion and accessibility through its scalable, mobile and largely grid-free charging systems and network. SparkCharge’s mobile charging-as-a-service (CaaS) lineup has helped businesses make the transition to EVs simpler, more affordable and more immediate. Together, World Kinect Corporation and SparkCharge are partnering to bring EV charging solutions to new end markets across our diversified transportation client base. 

Producers Trust

Producers Trust is a solutions ecosystem built to expand financial opportunities for global farmers committed to regenerative agriculture, leveraging data and technology to connect them with supply chain stakeholders. Producers Trust leverages a hands-on advisory model, and its tools and services capture and manage sustainability information from farmers and producers throughout a product’s lifecycle in addition to connecting them with potential monetization opportunities including the sale of products. Producers Trust and World Kinect Corporation together are committed to bringing to market carbon offsets related to these high quality, high impact regenerative agricultural projects.

Meld Energy

Meld Energy specializes in large-scale green hydrogen developments, with a planned portfolio of green hydrogen production facilities. Meld Energy is currently focused on establishing a series of modular fuel plants aimed to supply zero carbon green hydrogen to customers across various sectors, including industry, ground transportation, marine and aviation. Hydrogen will likely play a critical role in the UK’s, and the world’s, path to net zero; as an investor in Meld Energy and by leveraging relationships with our substantial customer base, World Kinect Corporation will play a key role in bringing green hydrogen to market.