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Fuel Delivery Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia

World Kinect is your trusted provider of Bulk fuel delivery, onsite fleet fueling, fleet fuel cards and other fuel services in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Located at 4920 Southern Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462, we're available for fuel delivery in Virginia Beach and across Hampton Roads.

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Looking for Fuel in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

Reduce the cost and complexities of using multiple fuel and equipment providers. World Kinect provides a single source of quality conventional fuels, lubricants, additives, tanks, inventory monitoring equipment, maritime fueling and fleet cards in Hampton Roads. Whether you’re in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, or Newport News – World Kinect serves the greater Tidewater area.

World Kinect Provides Solutions to Help You Source Fuel & Lubricants in Virginia Beach, Virginia

World Kinect provides businesses with the power to keep running. From bulk fuel delivery to on-site fueling for your fleet, fuel tanks to store fuel at your site, and fuel cards to keep your fleet moving while it's on the road.


With multiple locations across the Hampton Roads area, our energy services ensure your business stays on the move. We pride ourselves on a proven track record of safe, timely fuel deliveries, ensuring you receive the energy you need precisely when you need it. Trust in our commitment to exceptional service, enabling your operations to run smoothly and worry-free.

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World Kinect Provides Bulk Fuel Delivery in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bulk fuel deliveries are made with our own trucks around the Hampton Roads area. 

We know that every business has unique needs when it comes to fuel deliveries. Some businesses need fuel delivered daily, while other companies require it much less frequently. Similarly, different companies need various types of bulk fuel: Diesel, kerosene, gasoline, biofuel, or diesel. We tailor the fuel type and delivery to meet your unique needs in the Virginia Beach area.

World Kinect's Onsite Fleet Fueling Delivers Fuel Directly Into Your Vehicles & Equipment in Virginia Beach, Virginia

World Kinect's onsite fleet fueling can help you run a better, more efficient fleet operation in the greater Hampton Roads area. You can schedule our technicians to deliver when your fleet is “home”, day or night. This is a simple way to keep your vehicles on the road more often.  

Our Onsite Fleet Fueling or Mobile Fleet Fueling services are for you if: 

  • Your fleet frequently returns to a centralized location and/or you have off-road equipment that needs fuel.
  • Your fleet has long periods of downtime when onsite fueling can be done.
  • Your vehicles are staged in a place, easily accessible by a fuel truck.
  • Your fleet is growing, making it hard to keep up with onsite tank sizes.
  • Onsite fueling can fill a temporary or project-based need.
  • You require better reporting on fuel usage and costs.
  • Achieve increased efficiency and optimize driver time on the road

By choosing fleet fueling, you can avoid onsite fuel storage or use of retail fueling stations, allowing you to locate your fleet’s home base without worrying about proximity to fuel pumps or environmental tank regulations. 

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World Kinect's Tank & Fuel Storage in Virginia Beach, Virginia

We can provide you with fuel storage tanks for your job site and refill them when needed. 

We offer many tank & fuel storage solutions in the Hampton Roads area:

  1. Flexible fuel tank equipment sales & leasing
  2. Temporary and stationary fuel storage solutions

USCG Certified Marine Fuel Delivery in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Waterfront fueling requires a professional blend of maritime fuel supply, experience and a genuine respect for the environment.  World Kinect is Coast Guard certified for over the water truck-to-vessel and barge-to-vessel product deliveries.  We provide fuel management solutions for local marinas, tugboat and barge operators as well as large shipping companies up and down the Chesapeake Bay and along the Mid-Atlantic Coast. 


Lubricants and DEF in the Virginia Beach, Virginia Area

Lubricants can be complex due to thousands of SKUs, evolving regulations, OEM requirements, and new technologies. However, switching to a better-suited lubricant can reduce maintenance costs and extend engine life. Our experts at World Kinect are here to provide top lubricant-buying advice to ensure you get the best solution for your fleet, equipment, site, or shop.

Benefits of Our Lubricants and DEF:

  1. Premium Quality: We offer a wide range of premium lubricants from trusted brands, ensuring your machinery runs at peak performance.
  2. Expert Advice: Our team provides guidance on selecting the optimal lubricants, oils, and greases for your specific needs, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing efficiency.
  3. Comprehensive Product Range: Choose from engine oils, hydraulic oils, industrial greases, DEF, and more, available in both bulk and packaged options.
  4. Environmental Benefits: Using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) reduces NOx emissions by up to 95% and can improve fuel economy by up to 5%, helping you meet Scope 1 emission reduction targets.
  5. Flexible Delivery: We offer convenient bulk and packaged delivery options tailored to your average consumption rate, ensuring you always have the products you need.
  6. Technical Support: Beyond high-quality products, we provide hands-on training, oil analysis, and local technical advice to help you manage and store lubricants effectively.

Choose our lubricants and DEF solutions in the Hampton Roads area to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

C-Store Fuel Delivery in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area

Fuel the success of your convenience store with our comprehensive fuel retail solutions. World Kinect is a trusted partner for thousands of independent gas stations and truck stop owners, providing quality fuel, branded programs, and advisory services aimed at your growth and customer satisfaction. With over 35 years in the business and as a stable, publicly traded company, we have the scale to negotiate the best pricing with suppliers and offer financing solutions.

Our Solutions for Fuel Retailers:

  1. Run-Out Prevention: Avoid business disruptions with our timely fuel deliveries to underground or above-ground tanks for your operations and backup generation.
  2. Branded Programs:  Branding your gas station creates immediate name recognition and trust from customers. World Kinect represents and delivers 20+ of the best known brands across the U.S. Be the brand you want to be. Access all major supplier branding programs.
  3. Diverse Fuel Options: We supply Diesel, Gasoil, Biodiesel, and Maritime Fueling to meet all your fuel needs.
  4. Reliable Delivery: We deliver on-spec supplies of branded and unbranded fuels safely and reliably for both single and multi-store operators.
  5. Strategic Guidance: Our team provides industry-specific expertise and strategic guidance to help you grow your business in a competitive market.

Choose our C-Store fuel delivery services in the Hampton Roads area to ensure your convenience store remains fueled and ready for success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business.







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